Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sweet Libbie

There is no stopping our little Libbie. In many (most) ways this is a huge blessing ,but in other ways it's a curse! Since we've been home from China the poor girl has spent most of her time in a cast/casts. We finally got her orthotics worked out and tweaked and she was just rocking along... then at Hoot's birthday she managed to get in the bounce house with some bigger kiddos and she fractured her left tibia. It was considered a buckle fracture and not a compound. She walked on it for a week because the ER didn't detect the break. However at the end of a week of limping along, I called her WONDERFUL doctor at Shriners and sure enough it was broken. We just got the cast off a little over a week ago. Her Doctor told me she probably wouldn't walk on it for a few weeks. He wanted her to use her walker and his words were to "Keep her out of harms way!". With The Doll, this is much easier said than done. She is quick and stubborn. She wouldn't have anything to do with that walker... So day before yesterday she was on the play ground at school and was hit by a kickball in the left leg... she took a fall and cried but acted like she was okay. I noticed right away that she wasn't walking the same as she had been during the week. I am praying we haven't re-fractured her poor little leg. She has no muscle or fat on her left leg so there isn't much to soften a blow. I started having a pity party tonight and just feel so tired. Tired of dealing with casts, and trips to the hospital. Tired of the falls. It's emotionally draining to have a hurt child. When she falls its BIG and takes a long time to rebound. She is so fragile, but so independent and determined to do EVERYTHING on her own. She doesn't know that she has physical limitations.. which, like I said is a blessing most of the time. So were headed back to Shriners tomorrow for x-rays and I am PRAYING that it isn't broken. As I wallowed in my pitty I think God lead me to my friend Kim's blog.. 3Peanuts. I haven't had time to read blogs over the past month so I hadn't kept up with what was going on with little Ivy. My party is over and I'm asking that you join me in prayer tonight for Ivy and her family. I never link it right so just copy and paste. DSC_3343

Friday, October 19, 2012

More Than A Month

I think this may be the longest dry blog spell I've had! It's been more than a month and I have been MIA! Between, school, homework, part time job, and photography sessions... I have zero time! After Libbie broke her leg on Hoot's birthday I just haven't seemed to catch up. My house looks like a zoo, I basically live in my car and I stay up until weeeee hours of the night editing photos! I think this is a very busy time for photographers in general and then after the holidays it slows... I'm taking family photos now for Christmas cards and I've done homecomings and newborn sessions. I did a session in Houston this week for a mom entering her baby in a photo contest for Children's Place or Gap (I can't remember). He was a doll and it was a lot of fun. But my busy busy season won't start until November when I start decorating houses. I took on two new clients recently and may be flying to Dallas for another client (friends with my mom). We will see! I think I'm going to take December off after I finish decorating trees and not take any photography sessions until January. I need a break and I want to enjoy the season with my family. I am truly blessed and God has provided in ways I could not imagine. I never ever expected for my photography hobby to take off the way it has. I still feel very much an amateur, but I am learning so much along the way. Every time I shoot, I figure something out about my camera or my lens or what I could tweek to make things better. I struggle with sharp crisp images so I've been working on that a lot. I like the softness that a lot of my images have, but I really want to be able to create sharp images. My husband is a saint and my in laws have helped me so many times when I need the kids picked up or I need to drop off so I can shoot a session. Without them I would not be able to pursue this passion. Lambert helps with laundry and shuffling kids. I am beyond blessed. I miss my blog friends. I haven't posted nor have I stalked. There just hasn't been time. I do post on FB at thought I would share some of my work! Enjoy DSC_9928wm First Maternity Session DSC_0243 Brothers DSC_2944wm DSC_2811wm DSC_2866wm DSC_2935wm Baby Boston DSC_1481wm DSC_1263wm DSC_1258bwmink DSC_1314bwwm DSC_1457 An American Family!