Friday, October 19, 2012

More Than A Month

I think this may be the longest dry blog spell I've had! It's been more than a month and I have been MIA! Between, school, homework, part time job, and photography sessions... I have zero time! After Libbie broke her leg on Hoot's birthday I just haven't seemed to catch up. My house looks like a zoo, I basically live in my car and I stay up until weeeee hours of the night editing photos! I think this is a very busy time for photographers in general and then after the holidays it slows... I'm taking family photos now for Christmas cards and I've done homecomings and newborn sessions. I did a session in Houston this week for a mom entering her baby in a photo contest for Children's Place or Gap (I can't remember). He was a doll and it was a lot of fun. But my busy busy season won't start until November when I start decorating houses. I took on two new clients recently and may be flying to Dallas for another client (friends with my mom). We will see! I think I'm going to take December off after I finish decorating trees and not take any photography sessions until January. I need a break and I want to enjoy the season with my family. I am truly blessed and God has provided in ways I could not imagine. I never ever expected for my photography hobby to take off the way it has. I still feel very much an amateur, but I am learning so much along the way. Every time I shoot, I figure something out about my camera or my lens or what I could tweek to make things better. I struggle with sharp crisp images so I've been working on that a lot. I like the softness that a lot of my images have, but I really want to be able to create sharp images. My husband is a saint and my in laws have helped me so many times when I need the kids picked up or I need to drop off so I can shoot a session. Without them I would not be able to pursue this passion. Lambert helps with laundry and shuffling kids. I am beyond blessed. I miss my blog friends. I haven't posted nor have I stalked. There just hasn't been time. I do post on FB at thought I would share some of my work! Enjoy DSC_9928wm First Maternity Session DSC_0243 Brothers DSC_2944wm DSC_2811wm DSC_2866wm DSC_2935wm Baby Boston DSC_1481wm DSC_1263wm DSC_1258bwmink DSC_1314bwwm DSC_1457 An American Family!


  1. The shot of the wonderfully made tummy is adorable! LOVE it! The ones of the family are awesome! Those are my favs! ;)You are incredible. Taking some time off is wise. Wish I could barter with you to give me some decorating tips. I could come sing Christmas carols for you or keep your kids...kidding, kinda. ;) Have a great weekend. Can't wait to see more pics, but take your time. You are a busy bee!

  2. They are all adorable:) I see a lot of improvement each time you share your beautiful work Shelly. I really miss you a lot. I hope we are going to see you both next week for Crusher's big fiesta!

  3. I recognize that DISCOVERY GREEN wall in Houston anywhere? LOVE!!! My girl has a similar picture taken (in the same spot) by Jennifer Mckinney aka Mckmama about a year or so ago.

    Your work is beautiful!! I enjoy EACH SESSION that you share!!