Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So lately I have been doing more stalking and a lot less posting. I've been busy too. I don't know how so many bloggers post so often. I can't find the time! I mentioned in a previous post that I was taking a photography class with an amazing photographer in PA. http://www.thelongroadtochina.com/ I ordered a fixed 50mm lens and it came today so I have been VERY busy trying to catch some photos of the littles. I have a ton of homework and I am so excited to learn. I've come across some awesome photography blogs and just can't get enough lately. I want to learn more and just get better and better. These are just a few of the shots I took today. They are unedited... I learn that in a couple weeks. Stay tuned!



The Doll thinks she's The Chef... and she's a bossy chef

My best friend bought Libbie and I matching aprons. She wears hers daily! She loves to be in the kitchen and it makes me happy. We have something we enjoy together. However She is VERY messy
She's telling me she's had enough as I took this shot!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Where have you been all my life??

I ran across town today to pick up Annie Sloan's famous chalk paint.... I am sold!! We had friends over for dinner and after they left I decided to paint one chair... the one I messed up with oil base paint earlier in the week. I don't know Annie Sloan but if I ever meet her, I will embrace her with a texas size hug!! This is is the best product ever invented. I finished the first coat on 4 of the 6 chairs. It dries quickly and if my arm didn't hurt from painting I would finish the other two. (and I have to wake up for church in the morning). So I watched a tutorial on Youtube and I while I was purchasing the paint, there was a woman painting a hutch with the product. It's sooooo easy, I can hardly beleive my eyes. The finish is awesome. Zero brush strokes and super simple clean up. I just can't get over how great this stuff is. I will never buy regualar paint again! Thank you to my friend Kim who turned me onto it. Miss Mustard Seed http://missmustardseed.blogspot.com/ swears by it so if you don't take it from me, take it from miss mustardseed. The price tag is higher than regualr paint, but it's worth EVERY penny. Now go paint something. Pics to follow!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

7 Years Ago...

7 Years ago, I came home from my ob appointment upset with news that I was going to have to endure a c-section. I had always dreamed about the excitement of going into labor and rushing to the hospital to deliver the precious new baby. Hoot was breech my entire pregnancy and after a routine ob appointment my doctor sent me over to the hospital to see if they could convince the little Hoot to turn. After lots of pushing and pulling and more pushing my doctor scheduled his delivery for September 21st and told me to go home and take it easy. As I drove home I teared up a little. I had just had my baby showers that Sunday and I was ready for my water to break that day! I was swollen (really swollen) hot and miserable. I just knew that he was going to come into the world that day. I called Lambert and told him the news and how disappointed I was about the c-section. We had just completed labor and delivery classes and he was ready to be my coach and support through it all! So as any good husband would say, he told me to meet him at our favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner. I had Kung Pao Chicken lots of water and went home to bed. At 1:52AM I woke up and told Lambert I had wet the bed!!! It must have been all the water I drank at dinner. Then in my dazed confused state I realized I did not wet the bed. My water broke and it was game time! We called my doctor and she called right back. My contractions were coming hard and fast. I told my doctor I was going to shower and fix my hair and she said I needed to get in the car and get to the hospital ASAP. We were met at the door rushed to the delivery room and the next thing I knew Hoot was welcomed into the world. It all happened so fast. Lambert almost missed the delivery because he was still getting scrubbed up. The anesthesiologist took pictures for us and finally Lambert made his way in. It truly was a beautiful time for us. We enjoyed the quiet special time we had together and by the time I got to the recovery room my mom and sister were already there. They flew in from Dallas and got to see the Hootser after his short stay in the NICU. He was the sweetest baby I had ever laid eyes on. I never knew love the way I knew love that morning. I was able to grasp God's love for us in those early hours. Nothing he could do could make me love him more... or less. He was perfection. Everything about him was perfect.

Fast forward 7 years!!! Hoot is amazing. He's funny and kind. He's honest and compassionate. He keeps me in check and he is still perfect in this mamma's eyes. Ask me again in 7 years and I may not have the same response (he'll be 14). Where did 7 years go? How does it go by so quickly? Everyone told me it would happen just this way, but I didn't believe it. Raising children is such a huge responsibility and it seems like I've blinked and a third of it has already passed right before my eyes.

I love you Hootster and I am so thankful that I have been blessed to be called your mom. We are so proud of you and can't wait to see what big plans God has in store for you. We know you are going to do great things. Nothing could make me love you more or less. Happy 7th Birthday!!
He's the sweetest sleeper ever!



Monday, August 22, 2011

Around The House

Now that school is back in session I can focus my attention on a few housekeeping items. I've started a couple DIY projects, an online class and we bought a new piece of furniture. I SWORE I would never EVER do it, but I did it... we purchased a sectional for our family room. I LOVE it ( i know it has no eternal value and love is probably too strong of a word, but i do like it A LOT). Lambert has wanted a sectional since we first married and I firmly refused. I could only imagine the poly blend blue velvet sectional with cup holders and reclining ends.. Sorry if you have this, but I just could not go there... I've always been a form over function kinda gal. However, now that we are a family of four... function is good and I do enjoy snuggling up on the sofa for movie night. The sectional was a good choice and it fits our family room perfect. It's very comfortable and it looks great in the room. I purchased 6 windsor chairs off craigslist last year and have wanted to paint them a robins egg blue for a while. Well I'm fully committed now. I painted one and I love the color, but I don't love the finish... streaky and grainy. I may have to take them to a professional to finish. I thought it would be an easy project and I've read so many blogs that make it look easy!! I don't know what I did, but it's a mess. I also started a photography class with Lisa at http://www.thelongroadtochina.com/ Boy have I learned a TON of great information about my camera and basic photography. The class is called Get Out of the Auto Zone... she is an amazing teacher and I HIGHLY recommend her if you're looking to improve your shooting skills. I've also started my quiet times again. I can't express how much better my day goes by spending a few quiet minutes in the word each morning. My whole perspective is different and I'm a lot less anxious. I've also been working a lot with the Doll... she is such a smart little cookie, but she is hard headed too! I am trying to teach her colors and it's like she is intentionally not learning.... She picks up on most everything and her English is amazing, but when we review colors or play color games she just won't repeat or retain what I tell her. I'm praying for patience, but I am running out!!! I don't think I could home school... Anyone else have this problem???
Don't pay any attention to the laundry on the table behind the sofa... always laundry to be folded and ironed! I get more done if I bring it to the table and put it away promptly.



Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Grade

Hoot finally went to sleep last night and woke up chipper and ready for his first day. The morning routine went great and we safely delivered him to the first grade classroom. He's ready to see old friends and make new friends. We're super excited that his kinder teacher moved up with the class. The kids knew just what to do when they arrived. They each put up their backpacks, sat down at their appointed desk and began their writing assignment. I'm sure the new kids will follow right along. This is sure to be a great year!

Ready Mom!

Fantastic First Grade!

He's spelling wow with his mouth and fingers (he learned this skill at VBS)

I love rules~

Hoot and Daddy checked out the classroom earlier this week. He loved it!

so did the doll. she thought she was staying with Hoot this morning...
Happy Back to School.
I am super excited to start my photography class this evening. I can't wait to take better photos of the littles. the shots I got of Hoot at home this morning were a disaster! we may have a make up session tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back To School

Well it's here folks... school officially commences tomorrow morning for the Hootster. He is ready too. He was in bed by 8:15 and asleep by 8:30PM.(not really he is still awake, i just thought he was asleep) The backpack is loaded, pencils sharpened, folders labeled and our boy is ready for first grade. i love back to school. I love the newness of the crayola crayons and the bright and shiny folders. I love the smell of a new back pack... I love it all. I think it's more fun for me than it is for him. August is a big month for Hoot. His birthday is next week so we'll have a family birthday party. Labor Day were heading to a resort and then the next weekend we'll celebrate his birthday with a fun Star Wars party with all his friends from school. He's getting so big and I must share some his latest and greatest funny quotes.. we got his hair cut earlier this week and the girl that cut his hair told him he had grown so much since the last time she had seen him (it's been a while since they butchered it last time. I boycotted for a while but he begged to go back and I caved) She told him she remembered that he liked pirates and Thomas the train way back when... he responded, "not anymore lady, I'm into aliens and robots and my birthday is next week if you want to put it on a list." She asked him what he wanted for his birth day and he responded, "I really need a whip so I can whip my mom around the front yard when she needs it" ???? He told me earlier this week that he needed more servants because I wasn't helping him out enough. He's had a baby sitter since he was born that was at his beckon call... when I decided to stay home we had to let her go... he said she was a much better servant than me and that I needed to hire some help for him. But this is the greatest... we played a game with a friend in the car on the way home from the museum... the question was... Hoot, if you could have any car you wanted on your 16th birthday what would it be?? He gave it serious thought and then said, "If I could have any car it would have to be a minivan!!" We both busted out laughing. She asked why a minivan and he said because they have doors that open and close by themselves like a robot! He is my kiddo. I dreamed of a station wagon and he wants a minivan. I love Hoot! Seriously,we are working diligently on manners, respect, self control and gratitude. I know I could use help in these areas, but I want my children to exhibit positive behavior in all these areas. A smarty pants 7 year old is not so cute and we feel it is our God given responsibility to mold our children into the adults we want them to become. Good kids don't just happen, it's work!! So daily we work on instilling positive life lessons with him. (Libbie too, but she's still working on the language.) We are looking forward to this school year and what God has in store for us. I am so thankful to be home with them and can't wait for all that First grade has in store for us! Blessings to you and your kiddos too!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Worn Out!

I've been working on this post for over a week now. CRAZY. I'm dropping balls like crazy and can't seem to get it together. My home PC crashed so I'm using the laptop. I can't upload photos from Flickr on the laptop for whatever reason so I've not been inclined to post. I am alive just trying to juggle everything and not doing a good job at anything.

I am a worrier by nature. I worry about almost everything. I know it's a sin. I worry about things I have absolutely no control over and I worry about things that probably won't ever happen. I have had a lot on my plate these last few weeks and I'm having a difficult time turning it over to God. I pray about it and let it go... but then I find myself taking it back from him and worrying about it all over again. Makes me tired! So there ya go.. a little tidbit of transparency from Hoot's Mom.

Moving right a long... we continue to be very busy... I can't believe summer is fleeting and school is upon us in just a few short weeks. I'm ready for a routine, but not ready for all that comes with school starting.... homework, piano practice and waking Hoot for school in the mornings. UGH! We are not morning peeps at our casa (excluding Lambert... he is soooo a morning person) Hoot on the other hand is not ready for school to start. He is enjoying all that summer offers. He told me this has been the best summer ever. He has made friends with a neighborhood little boy and they are insuperable. It's really been too hot to play outdoors during the day so we try to head out after dinner and let him meet up. They ride bikes, hang out in Hoot's fort and oddly enough talk a lot.. Were not sure what all they talk about, but they can sit for an hour and just talk. They share some of the same interests in Star Wars, Legos and comic books and they both have vivid imaginations. It's been good for him.

I can't believe how long it's taking me to post, but I'm just flat worn out. This weekend were all taking sinus medicine. I think we have the summer cold!
Hoot had golf camp last week. He loved it. Can't wait to go back next year. it was way to hot for me. He was worn out when he got home but said it was awesome. Here are a few photos I've manged to post.

It was sooo hot.

I think he liked the golf cart rides the best.

Libbie didn't like golf camp.. too hot


Fun with cousin B

We've been to Dallas too. We tried out the Gaylord... Very nice.. Lots of swimming. The two fish loved it!

Must eat at Babes when in the Dallas area... so yummy

The Doll eats her shirts when she's tired
She's eating her shirt as I type this post. time for bed!