Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have been waiting to share the news!!! I won the free seat for Lisa's "Get out of the Auto Zone" photography class!! I am so excited. I didn't know if she had posted the results, but she has so it's safe for me to share the great news! I never win anything so this was an amazing blessing. It came at the perfect time too. Lambert and I celebrated 13 years of wedded bliss Monday and he bought me a new lens for my camera! I have lens love right now. (and husband love). I have posted MANY times about my amazing husband, but I'll share it again. I am married to my very best friend. He's honest and supportive and he loves me unconditionally. He has certainly proved that this year.

I love you Lambert!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bring The Rain

It's raining. Praise the Glorious Maker above. We haven't had a good rain since end of January beginning of February. I'm up early. (in solitude) Lambert took Hoot to work with him this morning. Hoot has begged for Lambert to take him to the shop for about 2 years now. They will enjoy a greasy breakfast at a local cafe and then Lambert will make his routine trip to Sams, which Hoot will love. He also has to run into Houston to pick up a few parts then they will return to the shop where Hoot will greet employees and customers. Hoot is wearing a ratrod t-shirt his papa bought him last year. He felt it was fitting given the shop is full of classic and custom hotrods. It's (work) all so romantic in the eyes of a soon to be 7 year old. The Doll and I will meet them for lunch and he will come home with me (sure to be ready for an afternoon nap) while it rains... I hope... I just finished another short book a neighbor brought me. 84, Charing Cross Road. I told her how I enjoyed The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society and she insisted I follow it with 84, Charing Cross Road. It's a beautiful correspondence between a freelance writer living in NYC and a used book dealer in London. The first letter is dated 1949 a few years after the end of WWII. Rationing was going on in London and most families were still feeling the effects of the war. The best part of the book is that the story is non-fiction. The actual letters were first published in 1969. I love the sweet friendship captured in the letters. It's a quick read that will tug at your heart especially if your an Anglophile. Okay, I'm done with the book review. I'm going to sit outside and listen to the rain while I enjoy my coffee.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun Filled Weekend

Our fun actually started Wednesday. We had dinner with family friends which involved swimming. (thankfully we had no accidents in the pool:)

Sweet hugs!!

Friday was Lambert's birthday but he had plans for us to go to the circus so we had his VERY YUMMY birthday dinner Thursday.
The kids helped me make homemade cheesecake. We sang Happy Birthday Friday before we headed out to the circus. The Doll loved all the celebrating.

Lambert and I spent the morning in Houston. We had a nice breakfast togehter and then did some shopping at our favorite shopping spot. It was so nice to just be together. It doesn't happen often enough. I love just sitting and being with him.

We arrived at the circus and she didn't know what to think. We weren't sure how she would handle it, but.... SHE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!


Hoot always seems to have her in a choke hold... not sure why...

Lambert says I'm not in enough photos so he took some of me with the kiddos

It truly is a great show.. however the turnout was terrible. There were lots of empty seats. We could have moved to the front row of the floor section at intermission if we wanted to. We had great seats so we stayed put, but I was shocked at how few people were there.


Saturday we stayed home and had a relaxing evening. We had an early dinner and the kiddos played out doors until dark. Hoot has the best little friend two doors down and they enjoy getting together.
She copies her big brother almost ALL of the time.
This morning we decided to take a family day and head to Galveston. It was an awesome day too. We did some things we haven't done before and I think we all enjoyed it. First we ate at our favorite haunt.. Bennos.

The Gumbo is the best and the littles love the chicken strips. It's a must try if you're in Galveston. Then we headed over to the streets adorned with the wood carvings. Many of the historic trees were lost during hurricane Ike. The strong winds uprooted many, but the salt water killed thousands more. Local artisans sculpted new life into many of these trees. You can find them tucked in gardens and peeping over fences. Our favorite is the great dane leaning over an iron fence.

The homeowners decorated him appropriately for the holidays.


I have an affection for owls being Hoot's mom.

I told him if he didn't smile for me, I was going to make him go back in the ocean!! Read previous Galveston post:) He detests the camera.



Next we headed over to Bishops Palace for a tour. We have never done this before, but we loved it. The docent was so interesting. She gave the best tour. The house was amazing but we couldn't take photos once inside. It was 20,000 sq ft. The owners built it in the late 1800's for $350K. The widow sold the home in the 1920's when she moved to Washington. The house sat on the market for 3 years with no offers. It was finally sold to the Catholic Diocese for a mere $40,000!!!! We were very fascinated by the tour. Hoot enjoyed it as well. The Doll not so much... she tolerated it.
I love these kiddos
Moving right along we made our way back to the seawall and rented a family bike... We've never done this before, but it was a blast. I'm so glad we did. We strolled along (Lambert did most of the pedaling)

We took a look at the construction going on. There is a new pier coming to Galveston soon. The Fertitta's are launching Pleasure Pier. The pier will be similar to the Boardwalk in Kemah.

It doesn't look like much now, but it's going to be great. It's site was home to the historic Flagship Hotel that was finally torn down after Hurricane Ike.

I had to take this photo. Oh to be young

Well that's it for this entirely too lengthy post. I had to fit it all in because who knows when I'll post again. I'm tired! Please forgive the misspellings... I'll have to go back later and edit:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Bear with me, this post is all over the place. Being home the last couple of weeks has been utter BLISS for this newby SAHM. I have longed for this time for a very long time... I'm able to prepare breakfast for the kiddos, read with Hoot every morning and manage afternoon "tea for two" with the Doll. Her English is coming along and I enjoy working with her. We started speech therapy, but after our visit to Shriners, they tell us she really doesn't need it. I'm working with her at home on stretching and mobility. The good thing is she enjoys doing things for herself. Tomorrow is Lambert's birthday. We're going to the circus... he's a giver that man. So tonight were having a real fancy birthday dinner... grilled steak, potatoes, asparagus, and salad. (i should make sweet corn, but that wouldn't be nice) For his birthday cake we made his all time favorite New York Cheesecake with Carmel sauce and strawberries. YUMMY! We even brought out the silver and crystal... it doesn't happen often enough. I'm ususally too tired to clean it, but I love it! Hoot has already dressed for the occasion. He came out at 3:00PM in slacks, a button down adorned with his chapel tie. I asked if he was going to wear his formal flip flops. Fair question, it's summer. As he rolled his eyes, he informed me he would be wearing his church shoes with dress socks... as opposed to sports socks. I have cleaned out and under things that have needed to be cleaned for YEARS, but there was no time... It feels great. I've been able to finish two books which is a lot for me and I devoured them both! I highly recommend each although they are very different reads. I'm certain they have both been on every must read list from Oprah to Paige at Simple Life... I'm always behind.

We'll post birthday celebration photos soon! (maybe, I'm a blog slacker lately)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Indiana Training

Our Galveston 4th of July plans were abruptly cancelled so we had to act quick and come up with plans to entertain two hot whiny kids after church Sunday afternoon. We came home and started surfing the web for nearby attractions... We knew we wouldn't be able to book a hotel in Galveston due to the masses of people ascending on the island. So... we looked North. We'll never go back to La Tour "ghetto" in Conroe so we kept searching. We came across The Woodlands Resort, booked it, packed up two kids and headed out at 3:00 in the afternoon. We arrived, sun protected the littles and made our way to the pool! We knew if we forgot something, there was a target nearby. (and yes we did have to go... diapers... kinda need those) We have a new favorite resort! We stayed in a little bungalow on the pond and it felt like we were at camp. WONDERFUL! The grounds were well maintained and the room was very clean. I can't wait to go back. It's a great place to get away and it's only an hour away from home. We had a great 4th of July minus the fireworks... which suits me just fine. I can take them or leave them.

Now to the corn... Indiana has the best sweet corn in all the world (no exaggeration)My family LOVES sweet corn... When it's sweet corn season sometimes my grandfather makes it a meal... he can put away the corn. REALLY. When I'm there I can't get enough of it. We smother it in butter and salt and grind away sometimes a dozen or so ears... (also no exaggeration). I was very disappointed that my spouse did not appreciate the sweet corn. How could anyone, especially someone I married, not get Indiana sweet corn. I was truly a little offended and consider this a character flaw. Then, my sweet Hoot comes along and I just know he will get the corn gene from the Trum family... He did not. So every summer, I gnaw away at this fine delicacy alone. The butter runs down my face and it's true gluttony. Gluttony is not nearly as fun alone as it is with a partner... Today, I met my partner. We stopped for bbq on the way home from the Woodlands and I ordered an ear of corn... lets just say, I did not have the opportunity to enjoy it because The Doll beat me to it. Look at Papa... I have a new partner! We won't make our Indiana trip during the season so Great Grandma and Granna will need to start packing it away for us!



Pure Joy... Were having watermellon for dinner!
4th of July photos to come!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

House Happenings

The house is a wreck. We have been a busy little family. We've been swimming daily, beaching on the weekends, movie watching in the evenings and enjoying friends often! With that said, there is laundry everywhere, mail that needs to be sorted, and dust bunnies in almost every corner of the casa! and.... Dixie (our scottie) stinks,no matter how many baths she gets! But... we're having lots of fun and making the most of our summer. Happy Fourth because I'm sure I won't post again before then. I am so thankful for our freedom and those that gave all to make it happen!

Doesn't every family have a huge tent in the family room for the summer?

These two make me happy!!! No matter how much they trash our house!

Notice how the Doll still has her hospital id bracelet on... she won't let me take it off. it's jewelry :)