Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eating Healthy and My Life on The Plantation

We've been on the healthy eating experiment for a little over a month now. My kiddos have actually adapted quite well. They did have a meltdown today over gummy snacks on isle 4... I thought we were going to need to call for a clean up on isle 4, but they pulled it together and I didn't have to use any physical force to remove them from the shelving. I think it was the Monsters U character on the box that really turned them on, but I promised to let them choose a healthy alternative and not to beat them when we got home if they would proceed to another isle with me. Thankfully for all involved they complied. They each picked out a mini size Haagen-dazs ice cream and onlookers didn't have to witness a worn out mother ready for school to start lose her mind on isle 4.

So eating healthy and juicing is apparently trendy and expensive which usually means one thing for this girl... New addiction. All the latest blogs I come across are all about the healthy life. I trade one addiction for the next and have found myself googling healthy recipes and shopping at trendy markets almost every day. I'm loving the farmers market and loving organic juicing. I feel better than ever. Now with that being said, this whole healthy lifestyle could turn on a dime once Starbucks rolls out the Christmas brew. I'll be back to stalking our local Starbucks and hopefully replacing my usual 7 Equals for a healthier alternative (Stevia). It's nowhere close to my beloved Equal, but it does the trick and I don't use near as much. I've been mixing it with Agave too.

It probably doesn't help my new clean eating addiction when I linger at blogs like this:
All Things Farmer

If I wasn't married I would definitely be interested in this guy. He loves to cook and farm, he's a snazzy dresser (really snazzy southern boy) and has a flare for arranging fresh hydrangeas from his garden. He's also published numerous books on fantastic living which definitely makes him marriage material. I feel pretty certain if I were single... he would not be interested in me for one reason or another, but if he was.... After I depart from his blog, I pretend I live on a Southern Plantation and that I have help and that my kids are dressed in linen day dresses and seersucker with bow ties and I sit on my front porch sipping Equal sweetened iced tea and eating pimento cheese sandwiches that Farmer boy just whipped up for me. If Lambert reads this he will surely be sick, especially if he visits Farmer Boys site. Lambert refuses to wear seersucker no matter how many times I've snuck them into his closet. I've tried button down shirts, shorts, slacks, you get the picture. Farmer Boy rocks the seersucker. So if you're thinking about clean eating and fine living, or cute young guys in seersucker, stop by his blog or pick up one of his books. You're sure to be inspired, unless your my husband.


I was so inspired I ran right out to the market to buy an organic local young chicken and all the ingredients to whip up a batch of chicken salad, recipe courtesy of Farmer Boy. And Libbie is so wearing a day dress tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Girls Night Out

I always enjoy breaking away with just my girl... I should have known she wasn't up for it when I noticed her dozing off on the ride to our onsite location. I bribed her with treats, but she wasn't having it. I thought at one point things might turn around and her little personality would shine through, but it didn't happen. We made the best of it and headed back to la casa after just a few quick snaps...

always go for the hands when the subject isn't cooperating :)


This was the look when she heard the bribe, I thought things were turning around in my favor

Back to averting the eyes... no eye contact... total rejection

I promised her we would go if she would give me one sweet smile... I'll take it!
She was back asleep in her car seat before I could get her buckled. Sweet Libbie

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

15 Years

“Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.” Fawn Weaver


15 years of wedded bliss. After some prayers and a little remodeling/demolition.... I can not believe I have been married to the man of my dreams (literally) for 15 years. I don't feel that old until I look around and see couples that look like they can't be more than 12 years old celebrating 5 and 10 year anniversaries. It just flies by folks. I will be candid and tell you that the first few years of our marriage were not blissful. Truth be told, they were hardly tolerable for either of us. Sure we looked great on the outside, but we were a disaster behind closed doors. I think we both came with a lot of baggage and hurt and unreasonable expectations. I've shared before that we are both pretty darn stubborn and selfish which isn't the best combination for healthy matrimony. We came to a point in our first year or so, that I truly thought our marriage would end, like so many others, in divorce. I cried a lot. A lot. He didn't know how to respond, which only made me feel more isolated and insecure. In turn I dug my claws in even deeper smothering him. I spent a good bit of effort pointing out his flaws and correcting him and judging him which only made him withdraw more. I couldn't see the man I married and really wondered who in the world I had married. I focused so much on the wedding and reception and all that goes with creating the perfect dream day, I questioned who I really had married. I gave little thought to the marriage that would come. I look back at our premarital counseling packet and wonder why in the world the minster ever married us. He had to have thought we were a train wreck. Our responses to basic life questions are hilarious and so immature. He was really no different than the day I said, "I do". I just desperately wanted him to be different. I thought he would change, that my love could change him. It turns out he wasn't a fixer upper. He wouldn't cooperate with the plans I had for his life. I did have big plans too and the steps he needed to take to achieve them. I think I had them drafted in a 3 part power point presentation illustrated with graphs. I'm a fixer. It's what I do best! The Bible warns against being unequally yoked in 2 Corinthians 6:14: “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. I wasn't real clear on what this verse meant, or didn't want to be because it might mean I shouldn't have married Lambert, but it became crystal clear to me after a year of going to church without my husband only to be called a hypocrite and Jesus freak. I was a Christian when we married and Lambert wasn't. Not that I acted like a Christian during any part of our courtship or when we first married but I was. Shortly after our honeymoon, I just felt that I/we needed to be in church. We needed to have God in our marriage. Something was missing and I knew what/ WHO it was. I knew what successful marriages looked like and I knew God was at the center of them. It was a little unfair that I changed the game plan shortly after we said our vows. I was a hypocrite if I am honest. I don't want to mistake him for a monster. He was a great person, just not a believer and I thought after attending church with me, he would figure it out and accept Jesus as his savior too.Then we would be good or even great! He didn't. He was turned off by church, and Christians and me. It was tough. I didn't know what to do. I nagged, I beat him over the head with my bible, I guilted him. All with little success. A friend gave me a book called The Power of A Praying Wife. That was my ticket. I knew I could pray the selfishness out of him and teaming up with God had to be a good game plan. He's God ... After just a few chapters, it occurred to me, maybe, I was the one that needed fixing. I needed to see my husband the way God saw him.I needed to focus on my relationship with Christ and work on the big log lodged in my eye. Once I started praying for him and over him, I no longer saw all of his "flaws". I started seeing his amazing qualities. I saw that he was a planner, and a detailed person. I saw that he was artistic and creative. I saw his ability to make wise decisions that would benefit us in the long run. He is generous and giving and tender. I started loving all these qualities about him, and kind of forgot about my list of flaws I had stored up for so long. The resentment and hurt started to dissolve. I stopped comparing him to other husbands and started appreciating what I had. I was blessed.  It wasn't long after I started praying that he met a youth minister through our church. They just hit it off. They had so much in common. They golfed together and had the same sense of humor.  And shortly after they became friends another Godly man  started investing in him. Day by day I saw what God was doing in my husband and in our marriage. I bawled my eyes out the day he accept Christ and then again when he was baptized. I know many women marry thinking just like I did. He will change...I don't recommend being unequally yoked to any young woman dating right now. But I would offer encouragement to any wife out there struggling. Start praying, pick up the book if you don't know where to start. I also know there are women that have prayed for years and haven't seen a change. I say keep praying and don't stop. Show him Christ through your actions. I'm not a counselor and I know there are biblical reasons for divorce, but I am so very thankful we didn't give up in the early years. It would have been much easier to run from our problems than to grind them out. But 15 years later, I have a life I can not imagine without Lambert He is the leader of our home. I respect his decisions and the way he leads our family. I still try to fix little things here  and there, I'm a fixer, but he has learned how I am and accepts me for me too. I am so blessed to be married to the boy I first saw at 12 years old while driving down HWY 287 on the way to Amarillo, Tx. Now that's a whole other story. We have a great story indeed and I did spend many years dreaming about the life I have now have with Lambert. I know its not biblical that God has one person for each of us. I've tried to find it in there, but I haven't. But I do feel God worked a wonder from our mess and He is good and faithful and mighty! Happy Anniversary Lambert. You're still dreamy!


Friday, July 19, 2013

Juicing and The Littles


My children happen to be the pickiest eaters on earth. Libbie didn't start out that way, but Hoot brain washed her and now she hates any thing that even resembles nutritious. I must admit they have been little troopers with our food experimenting we've been up to, but I know we can do better.  I've been researching juicers for about a year now and playing with the idea of purchasing one. I'll probably be just like the other wannabe juicers that went out and purchased one...only to watch it collect dust in the pantry, but for now were giving it a go. I've got all the tricky juice/smoothy recipes and tomorrow were headed to the farmers market for a little field trip...  Tonight for dinner I served carrot, apple and orange juice. I made the mistake of adding water because I thought it seemed too sweet. I should have left Mother Nature alone she knows what she's doing... It was a little weak and not nearly as sweet as just the pure juice. The kids reluctantly drank it, but made really ugly faces as they choked it down. Lambert liked the juice the friendly folks at William Sonoma served, but he thinks they tricked us.  It was so sweet and yummy. I think everything in WS is better than reality. It smells wonderful, looks wonderful. It appeals to all my senses. I leave there wanting to be a better homemaker. Back to my point...I'll know next time not to add the water and I think we'll be fine.  I snapped this picture of The Doll tonight. She is getting too big too fast. Those deep black eyes are so mysterious.

It's been raining here a lot... I'm hoping tomorrow it's dry so we can head to our happy place when daddy gets home from work. (The Beach!) The sky has been absolutely gorgeous all week. The clouds are beautiful when it's not raining and the lighting shows have been amazing at night. i'm hoping to get some great pics of Hoot and Lambert wade fishing. We fished last weekend and Hoot caught 4 fish all by himself. He was so proud. I think we have a little angler on our hands. He's begging to go back and he wants a yacht. We live near the water and we like to eat at a little whole in the wall cafe. It's on the water and next door there is a yacht dealership. There is a yacht that Hoot likes named The Gemini. It's been for sale for about a year. Every time we go by the cafe, Hoot asks if were ready to buy the Gemini. Last time we went there was a little 17 foot Boston Whaler fishing boat docked nearby. Lambert told Hoot we might be able to afford a boat like the Whaler and Hoot said, "are you kidding me, why bother?" He lives in the same fantasy land as his mother. It's The Truman curse. Go big or don't go!

I 'd love to hear your experiences with juicing and ways to make your kiddos love it!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


"When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child." -Sophia Loren

arthrogryposis girl

I've had several uncomfortable conversations about Libbie's differntability lately. One came quite unexpectedly at Whole foods and one came at Owen's piano recital at the beginning of summer. Both made me feel something I hadn't felt or let myself feel about her condition. One conversation was just rude,not intentionally, but still rude, and the other made me look at myself and really reflect on how I feel about Arthrogryposis. As I strolled the isles of Whole Foods, The Doll assisted me while I pushed her in a ginormous Nascar buggy. We read labels together and she picked out products that looked kid friendly. Libbie's left knee doesn't bend and appears different than most knees that do bend. I say this so you can get a visual of her in the buggy. Her right leg was bent so her foot was down in the cart and her left leg was sticking straight up on the steering wheel of the cart. I understand that this may have appeared strange and uncomfortable. Libbie is very flexible and she put herself in this position. She was comfortable and never fails to let me know if she isn't. I know I'm explaining myself when I really don't have to but I feel nervous about it so I feel I have to explain. I noticed a fellow shopper staring at us as we passed one another, first on the bulk grain isle then again on the wine isle and finally I guess she couldn't take it any longer when we met each other on the frozen food isle and asked... She asked how I could cram her in that tiny cart with her leg sticking straight up. As she came closer to inspect my poor parenting, she saw her knee and gasped and then shivered and winced like she was in some sort of pain. She said, "My God, what is wrong with her if you don't mind me asking." I calmly and gracefully as I could explained that nothing is wrong with her and that she has Arhtrogryposis which is a joint and muscle condition that affects all of her joints but her left knee most severely. I could feel Libbie listening and watching my expressions and the lady's expression. Back and forth. I hated it. I hated that I was having to explain to a stranger in the grocery store a medical condition that was really none of her business. I don't know why I felt this way. I'm used to people staring and commenting on Libbie's braces, but this felt different. She asked me when it would get better and assured me that it would, I think she felt bad for her initial reaction and then maybe she read my body language and could feel that I was ready to punch her in her face. (not literally but kind of...) I was sweating which I never do and certainly not on the frozen food isle. I answered her questions as best I could and we made our way down the isle. We passed her a few more times and each time she gave us the sympathy look. Oh how I hate that look. Libbie asked me, "Mamma, why do people want to talk about me all the time." I told her because she was so darn cute and special that she just attracted people and they want to know more about her. As I drove home I thought about the questions, and maybe a better scripted response I should come up with. I'm not uncomfortable with questions, and I know people are curious. I am a curious person and Lambert tells me all the time to stop staring at people. I think what makes me uncomfortable is that I'm usually approached while Libbie is present. She is smart and she knows what were talking about. I feel like it's a violation to her privacy. It's her condition to tell if she wants to tell. Then I think maybe it's good for her to see my response to people so that when she is approached at school or church she will know how best to respond. I'm not ashamed of her differentbility and I don't want her to be. I think it's better to talk to someone with differentabilities than to just stare. Most people I've encountered don't mind talking about themselves if you approach them with kindness and genuine compassion. I've learned this from my visits to Shriners. There a lots and lots of kids there that have had accidents and burns and they are okay talking about their conditions. It's a strange feeling that I haven't really dealt with since we've been home. I usually just roll with things and don't think deeply about them until something prompts me to think deeper. So I'm thinking deeper about how to respond and how to respond with respect to Libbie. That was the latter of the two awkward conversations. I've had all summer to stew on the first conversation I'm going to share next. I've laid in bed thinking about it. I find myself thinking about it when I'm driving and really I've thought about it pretty much all summer. We were at Owen's piano recital just at the start of summer. Owen's teacher is married to a pastor at a local church. She has quite a roster of piano students so each year the recital is held at their church. It's a lovely church with a huge alter and grand carpeted stairs leading up to the stage. All of the children walk up the stairs and take their seat at the grand piano to perform their recital pieces. After the recital the church is all a buzz with proud parents snapping pictures of their little Bachs and Beethovans. I was busy taking pictures and talking with other parents. Lambert was watching Libbie and Owen was running up and down the stairs with one of his best friends who also takes from Mrs. B. I didn't notice that Libbie was on the stairs with the boys. Remember, her left knee doesn't bend so stairs are not her friend. Also remember that she has no fear and really wants to make friends with stairs. It was inevitable that she was going to fall down the stairs. It was just a matter of time. They call to her. And she falls for them (literally) every time. I was talking with a lady from our church. She has three grown daughters one of whom I am friends with. This friend was born with a limb difference. I've heard stories about how great her mom was at encouraging her to try everything and she did. She is an amazing woman who can do anything. So I'm talking to the amazing mother of my friend with the limb difference when it happened. Libbie fell down the stairs. My back was to her, but I knew what it was and who it was as soon as I heard it. People panic when a 5 year old, or maybe any year old falls down stairs. I turned and sure enough it was my doll. I quickly ran over to her and so did Lambert. He scooped her up and she was fine. My heart was racing, but like I said this happens often, so I've gotten used to the falls and spills. I turned back to the amazing mother of my friend to finish our conversation, but before I knew it I said, "She thinks she can do anything and she can't." My amazing mom friend then said to me, "Well you never tell her she can't." It wasn't judgmental or rude. It was right on the money. I was stunned. So stunned I can't remember what I said next. I'm sure I said something, every thing was a blur after that. After the recital we went to dinner with some of Hoot's piano mates. I couldn't tell you what the conversation was. I saw lips moving and conversations happening, but I was stunned beyond words. It was a revelation. I have often felt like Marlin in the movie Finding Nemo. Marlin is Nemo's dad and he says to Nemo, "You think you can do these things Nemo, but you just can't!!" I can't count how many times I have said similar words to Libbie. I was embarrassed that she fell down the stairs. For two reasons, one because I wasn't watching her and felt responsible and two because she fell down the stairs. I hate that she falls. I hate it for her and I hate it for me. I was more humiliated at my response to the amazing mother of my friend. I hate that I tell my daughter she can't do certain things. I'm the over protector. I don't want her to get hurt. I hate making trips to the ER because she is fearless and has attempted once again something her body can't do. But then I'm proud that she has the spirit to try and try and try again when she's failed every time before. I wish that I had that drive and courage. Her courage is what has brought her so far and will help her achieve greatness. Maybe she will master stairs in her future. But until then it's my responsibility to encourage her and never tell her she can't. I know that she sees disappointment in my eyes when she falls. She has told me, "Mamma, I'm sorry I fell." The last thing I want for her to feel is responsible for my disappointment or that I am disappointed in her. I hate Arthrogryposis, there I said it. I hate it. Hate is a strong word and I don't let my kids say it, but it's true I hate it. But I love what I'm learning about me because of it.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Favorite Finds At Trader Joes

After my shopping adventure in Health Food Wonderland (Whole Foods) last week, Lambert's curiosity was peaked so he decided to check out the whooplah for himself. He won't admit it, but he was impressed. He even took me by William Sonoma so I could make a list of small appliances that would make our natural organic food taste even better. (we left empty handed, but he has a mental list). We also made a stop by Trader Joes. It's not exactly what I thought it would be, but I did find a cart full of goodness to bring home with us! Two favorites that will definitely be on our grocery list for next time (who am I kidding, I never have a list). Trader Joe's Butter Waffle Cookies.... OH MY!! They are a must for ice cream sandwiches. I picked up some Haagen-Dazs Pistachio ice cream and we made our own gourmet ice cream cookie sandwiches. They were Lambert Little approved which means they were over the top fantastic because the Littles are tough customers! We also picked up Trader Joe Brand Creamed Honey.... I felt like I was in Amish Country or Whataburger because they both serve the yummiest honey butter biscuits on the planet. I think the owners of Whataburger mush be Amish or they stole the recipe from an Amish family. Lookout Whataburger owners if you stole from the Amish, Levi and his mafia crew are looking for you. (this show is totally fake and not a good representation of the Amish people.)However, I loved watching it. I think it was the Cadillac CTS parked in the old barn that hooked me! If I lived in Amish Country I would definitely want my CTS parked in my barn! Or my Oddessy.

yummy creamed honey trader joes

healthy breakfast roosters
Can you see the honey butter lathered on that GLUTEN FREE Udis' bread?? I probably ruined the healthiness of the bread with all the honey and butter slathered on it! (it's what I do)

fancy ice cream sandwhich
these are a must try folks!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Catching Up

The Littles are at Nana's this morning so I had a minute to go through our 4th of July Pics. I'm about to head out the door to shoot a TWINS newborn session, (boy and girl) CAN'T wait, but wanted to post a few pics from our 4th. Lambert always amazes me by his awesomeness... He doesn't get much time off so we aren't able to take long trips, but we sure have packed in the day trips this summer. We spent the 4th at a great little resort in The Woodlands. Just a one nighter! It worked out perfectly because my mamma to be went into labor the next day and Lambert had to be back to work Friday. We had a great time swimming until little Hoot got sick. Poor guy. I'm not sure what he had, but when my kids don't want to swim... something is wrong. It's soooo HOT in Houston and the only thing we want to do in our spare time is get in water... anywhere we can find it. I wish we had a pool but I don't see that happening any time soon, so we go where there is water. On our way home we stopped in to visit friends in Houston for a quick dinner, and a few sparklers. We didn't stay long because as much as Hoot wanted to play and participate, he just couldn't. Libbie played with her BFF and loved every minute of the party. We headed home and crashed before the fireworks ever began!




Libbie better marry a man with broad shoulders because that's her favorite place to be!!
We love the sweet Peanuts and are so thankful for their friendship!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Skeptic... not Critic

What a week. After surviving the stomach bug over the holiday, I felt my house needed a cleansing as well as our diets. Lambert has had several health issues lately and my kids are just crazy all of the time so I thought maybe it might be time to re-evaluate our diet. It's taken me a long time to even think there might be something to a nutritious diet, a real nutritious diet, and my family's health. I am that mom... McDonalds is a staple at our house... or it used to be until about a year and a half or so ago. We stopped it cold... This was very difficult for Hoot, but he's embraced it now and curses it any time we drive by. We eat out a lot and we just don't eat healthy. I'm the girl that was raised on Mountain Dew, and loved a can of SPAM fried up with okra. (I still like it but Lambert won't allow it in the house). I scoffed at "The go green Vegans, carbless freakazoids, and juice junkie health whackadoos my whole adult life. I like beef, fried up best, smothered in gravy of any kind, but white is the best! and bread and dessert and anything that tastes good. The gals at Chick Fil A know me by name and one asked me on one particular morning drive thru visit if I thought my (7) Equals for my large coffee might be excessive. I told the 16 year old skinny little order taker to mind her own business and that I was an adult and she responded, "My pleasure". This truly happened. I love to eat good food. I love to prepare it and serve it and I love to enjoy the dining experience of eating out. I love it all. It's become our entertainment. On Saturday nights and most every other nights we decide where we will go eat. I've been reading a lot about kids and diet and I think that's whats made me really take a look at how I'm serving my family. It's not good. And change is hard. Especially when your married to Lambert who is a bigger junk food junkie than myself. After looking at nutrition and the chemicals in the food I serve every day, I did it. I cleaned out the pantry and the refrigerator and made myself a list of staples and headed into Houston. I've been reading a lot about the Feingold Diet. Please don't judge. I'm not a nut! Neither of my littles have ADHD, but this diet makes so much sense to me. Everything I serve is processed and full of chemicals that we don't need in our bodies. I threw it all out, except for a small stash of my Equal... I know I know (Kim) it's bad for me. I bought the Agave Nector and I will get used to it. I just love SWEET coffee and tea and I can't stand the thought of using up that many calories on tea and coffee sweetened by real sugar, so I use 7 Equals and sometimes mix it up with a Sweeten Low. I drove myself to Whole Foods, bracing for the Birkenstock harry armpit nuts I was sure to encounter... I walked in, not carrying my recyclable grocery bags like everyone else walking in with me. I could not believe my eyes and what I had been missing out on all these years. The colors and the smells, it was like a rainbow of fresh local fruits and veggies and seafood and cheeses and prepared foods and beef!! I got lost in the hours I spent wandering up and down the isles and isles of glorious beautiful healthy foods. So lost that when I found myself at the cash register I hadn't quite come to from the psychedelic food daze I had been under until the clerk repeated the total of my shopping bill. Could eating healthy really cost this much? I may have to reconsider everything. I could buy a new bag at Louie's, for this ticket. I'm one of those that never looks at prices when I shop girls. Not because were tycoons rolling in hundred dollar bills at night, but because I ALWAYS buy the same products and have never ever been shocked by the grocery bill. Probably because we eat out all of the time and Lambert pays those bills. I'm sure if we compared it apples to apples it would even out. But still this hurt!! Somehow when the clerk asked me if I wanted ice for my bags of organic Almond Milk and my Range free all natural chicken (Not sure I said that right,or what it means, I'm a rookie) the sting of the bill was eased a bit. Who ices down their grocery bags? Come on, and I did like that they offered paper double bags instead of the flimsy plastic bags to loser customers that didn't bring their own from home and they even helped me carry out my two carts worth of organic goodness. Will my family eat it? Not sure yet. But if I keep serving it and not permitting snacks later, they will have to. Who is the parent anyway? I don't want to feel like a loser parent any more and that's what I feel like when we're never home and always eating on the go. We do great in so many other areas but we stink it up when it comes to nutrition. I know it won't all happen overnight and it will take some time to get used to, but we have to make a change. I'm hoping to have the kinks worked out by the time school starts so my kids will be geniuses. Not to say we won't ever eat out again or we won't have treats, but I'm committed to being a better food provider to my family! PRAY FOR ME!!!

Before I made my way to Whole Foods I stopped off for a few pantry necessities to help make our new healthy food look and seemingly taste better. My pantry feels fresh and beautiful and I think that will help trick the littles when they select their all natural, artificial flavor free snacks in the afternoons! I'm so not an IKEA fan, after unsuccessfully trying to assemble a desk that took me over an hour to find all the boxes in their warehouse, and then opening it up to find 7,000 pieces that one needed and engineering degree to put together and metric tools not to mention, several years ago. I'm still bitter, but they do have the very best storage options for the very best prices. I got really cute baskets, a new fruit stand, and new glassware and bowls for a song. They were practically giving it away. AND because I was going to Houston, I checked out Craigslist, (I know I know) and found Hoot a red Pottery Barn Desk, Hutch and Chair for $150.00. Picked it up and grabbed an all natural Crave Cupcake and cute $5.00 milk (you can do that when you save big on Craigslist) and called it a day! A good day indeed.
I love food too!!! Were more alike than different!

Libbie can actually hold these glass tumblers all by herself without spilling!!
They are the perfet juice size. I bought organic Santa Cruiz Lemonade. YUMMY

$2.00 IKEA!!! Linen flour sack cloths. I thought I was in France for a bit...

just in case my napkins try to blow away :)


Back in France... these are my favorites with coffee in the morning. I never buy them, because my little grocer doesn't sell regional yummy food like Whole Foods (Palmiers) Soooo delish and all natural so I feel better ;) And they have the VERY best ever premade Pimento Cheese spread.

Agvae, it's good for me:)

Even my pick Hoot liked Bell and Evans Chicken Tenders. He ate everything on his plate which included the nuggets, garlic sauteed spinach (who knew) strawberries and organic yogurt...

and my other picky eater (Lambert) enjoyed home made chicken salad on GLUTEN FREE toasted bread. IT was really really good.

Local eggs boiled for me tomorrow.

It was almost free. I could not resist and Hoot will do so much better in school this year because he will have a serene place of his own to study from and he can tack my picture to his cork board :) He made the A/B honor roll with only one B (89) last year and came in second in the spelling bee... not bragging, just clarifying.

For dessert we shared (ONE) Crave vanilla and chocolate icing Cupcake, which was too die for!! I'm a sucker for packaging. I will buy poop if it's wrapped up beautifully and has a pretty label. Seriously.

Newborn Session

For almost a year I've wished to shoot a newborn session. My chance finally came this weekend. All the anticipation and excitement turned to sheer terror when it was time to rise to the challenge. I had never met the parents to be... The new mommas sister called me to do the session as a gift to her sister. I was beyond thrilled and could not wait !! I had been on standby since last Sunday. All week I felt like an OBGYN only not as smart or rich. I waited for the call like a real professional. Most of the time I can't find my phone or I have the ringer turned to silent. Lambert had made plans a month ago to head out of town for the 4th. We weren't going far and would be back in town Thursday evening. I was a wreck, but knew I couldn't change our plans. I kept my phone super glued to my palm and literally jumped every time it rang or buzzed. I just knew that baby was going to come without me! He was so sweet to wait and the real deal call came Friday morning at 5:41AM after I had a good nights rest. Owen had been sick over the 4th and I wasn't sure what we were going to do with him. I rolled over and whispered to Lambert that I had to go and to take the kids to work with him if he couldn't find a sitter, at 5:41AM. I'm pretty sure he was still asleep because he agreed or I thought he agreed because he didn't say anything back... I raced out the door trying not make a sound for fear he would wake up and realize just what the situation was. Him, alone with two kids, one vomiting and the other totally not a morning person, needing to get to work, with no plan for anyone to help with childcare. I was out the door and our subdivision like a villain fleeing the scene. I raced to the hospital and put my phone on silent, to be respectful of the family and to make sure Lambert couldn't reach me :) I just knew he was going to show up to the Labor and Delivery floor with two littles carrying their backpacks and one barf bag. He's so not above it... So, it was time to meet "The Family". It is a very awkward feeling to walk into a hospital room, introduce yourself, knowing that you are going to be spending the next however many hours it takes, in a completely intimate setting, and asking dad to be to give me a smile, at 6:24AM. He probably wanted to punch me in the face and he was big so it would hurt, a lot. The first few minutes I kinda felt my way around, made a little small talk, and grabbed a Starbucks from the cafeteria. I got the obvious shots of the labor and delivery signs, room number, room shot etc and started feeling more comfortable. I always feel more comfortable with camera in hand. It's like it's my security blanket. After mom was checked out by the nurses, she was brought into the room where she would spend the rest of her stay, with me, the photographer. She was so easy and relaxed. After just an hour or so I felt like totally knew this family for like my whole life. This was going to be baby number 4 after having a procedure done to avoid pregnancy just 22 months prior after baby number 3 was born. She and I agreed God has a sense of humor and a big plan for this little one. I fell head over heals for this sweet couple and their amazingly mature 15 year old son. We laughed and talked and in no time it became very comfortable. I knew I would cry at some point. I'm a crier. After 4 hours of great conversation, the nurse informed us that mom should be ready to push in about 30 minutes.Holy Cow!! One never knows how a mom will respond to the no other pain than the giving birth pain. She refused any pain meds and an epidural so I wasn't sure what this sweet, always smiling woman might turn into when "THE" pains came. She went from talkative and bubbly to in the zone rather quickly. She rolled to her side, grabbed on to the side rails, and steadily rocked herself through each contraction. As soon as the contraction ended she was back to chatting and selecting the next great song on her i-pad. And her husband... oh my goodness. Amazing. He was supportive and offered comic relief. He rubbed her and held her hand, and then I started crying... It was like a Nicholas Sparks novel. I was blubbering before it was all said and done and she hadn't even started pushing yet. I blame Pandora. It was the stinkin playlist. I thought back to Hoots delivery and just how wonderful and magical it was. Pandora wasn't around then so I didn't have a playlist. I thought about trying to have another child, just so I could have a playlist but quickly snapped back to reality when she started pushing. I never pushed even once (c-section) but just watching her do it made me change my mind all together. She never made a sound, even when it was time to push. She stayed so focused and breathed through the pain like a heavy weight champion. I clicked away trying to stay out of the way and hoped to capture every moment of this beautiful birth. I've done a lot of sessions and worked with wonderful families and kiddos, but I feel like I really got to know this family. Being a part of such a miraculous event like child birth is truly magical. To see Gods work between husband and wife is just such a wonderful blessing. I can not express what a joy it was to spend 7 or so hours with this family. I am so thankful that I got to experience this opportunity and hope to do it again some time. I think I took 400 pictures but here are just a few teasers!


This Dad was no rookie. He knew it was going to be a Starbucks kinda morning.





Tears are flowing at this point...

Go Time... I took this same pic every hour


look at that little hand


and just like that and she was back to her smiling self AMAZING!

The feet always get me!

Oh the FEET!!

moms feet were pretty cute too!
DSC_5941wm I wanted to nab a pair of these ultra snuggie looking socks for myself!

Number three checking out baby brother number 4

Wrapped around dads finger