Friday, December 30, 2011

Family Fun

The Lamberts have been enjoying the Christmas break and there has been a lot of shooting going on at our house. Hoot can not get enough of his new Red Rider. Today Lambert took us out to a good friends house (RANCH) in the country.( just outside of town). They are going to build a new house on their property but in the meantime they are living in a great little house on the praire type house they recently renovated. It was so peaceful out there. Our friend has two little boys Hoot's age. We went out for some target practice. Hoot thought he was big stuff until his 5 year old friend pulled out his REAL rifle... (loud noise and all). These boys were amazing. They could hit a target a LONG way off. There daddy is a hunter... We had a great time and we all got to shoot. Last night we enjoyed a wonderful visit from the Peanut family We had dinner and a great time visiting. We have grown to love this family. They have been so gracious to us. Mamma Peanut came to the hospital during Libbie's last stay and TOTALLY took care of us. Wawa loves the Peanuts and asks for Miss Kate often... we think she developed her first crush last night... Will couldn't escape her clutches (even though she's in a cast). Tomorrow were going to the movies which has become an annual New Years Eve event for us and then were going to ring in the new year with friends from our small group. (we NEVER make it to midnight) DSC_7934 When he's not outside shooting... he's "practicing" inside so is she... DSC_7921 DSC_7920 They were Lefty and Pancho DSC_7916 DSC_7915 DSC_7961 See those targets in the background.... that's how far those boys could aim and shoot... impressivie The lighting is terrible..Don't they look like country boys?? They are soo darn cute DSC_7952 Lambert got to shoot his new gun (not this one) DSC_7963 DSC_7973 I had to share this... our friend brought us the cinnamon roll back from San Antonio... next to is a Grands roll to show the comparison. It weighed 3lbs. I have never seen anything so big. It came from Lulus cafe. I watched a Youtube video called Man vs. Food at Lulus to see how they made it. Awesome. All four of us had a peice and it didn't look like we touched it. DSC_7941 Last but not least I took this of Wawa today. I edited and it looks amazing. I don't know how to save my ps photos as a Jpeg so I can't post them yet... DSC_7949 Have a blessed and Happy New Year

Sunday, December 25, 2011


What a morning! The kiddos arose to such a clatter. As usual Aunt KK and cousin BB woke us up early and the party began. Needless to say the kids were spoiled. It was so great to sit back and take it all in. Hoot received a Red Rider BB gun from his Papa. It was really the only thing he wanted, but he got really nervous once opened. He was afraid it was going to be too loud or give his shoulder a real kick. Shortly after we finished the gift exchange, we made our way outside for some target practice!!! We could have our own reality show!! Were gun slingers now! Hoot renamed himself Black Bart and is ready to take aim at birds. He mastered the targets on the toy kitchen box and he's ready to move on to bigger and better prey... Too bad he doesn't come from a family of hunters.


Lambert has a 72 Chevy that he takes to car shows and cleans all the time... my dad found this print of a truck that looks identical to Lambert's. It's really awesome.

Here it is!!!

Wawa thought ALL of the gifts belonged to her!!!

Frist Lambert took a try..

Then Big Mama came out to give it a shot..
Don't even thing about messing with this packing mamma in pink pj's and a puffy vest...

Hoot decided if I could do it then surely he could too!

He had to get the hang of cocking it.

He caught on quick and then got a little prideful

You know Wawa had to try...

Now she's Little Orphan Annie
It was a good morning... now things are quiet, the house is still. Libbie is napping and Hoot is playing his new wii game. Daddy is eating a sandwhich and I'm about to read my new book by Johnnie Cash Jr. Later we will read the Christmas story, sing happy birhtday to Jesus and have some birhtday cake.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, SAL

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Decking

I just love Christmas. I love it love it love it. I'm done with all the shopping, decorating, wrapping and now I'm ready to begin the cooking! Thought I would share a few more photos from around the house with you.
I didn't photoshop any of these photos so sorry for the quality. Its CHRISTMAS!


Funny... I bought these stockings a couple years back.. the little girl had blonde hair. I cut out some black felt and used a felt iron on glue to make a little Libbie doll!

I bought some upholstry ticking on Etsy. I thought I had enough for several bows... not so much. I barely made two.
I love Nutcrackers. I always put them out first. They make me smile.

No more waiting!!! She's home!

I didn't pull out all my vintage santas... they scare most of my friends and I wasn't sure how Libbie would react. We want her to like Santa!

I started collecting the Byers carolers a few years back, but I got tired of them. I just have a few. I'm all over the place with my collections. I need to stick with what I really love and that's vintage... always has been. Hoot told me the other day... He's a "collector" like me! Gotta love our collections

We made this little craft project last year as a family. We all worked on it and I like it!

i LOVE natvities too.. I've started a Chalkware set from e-bay, but I dont' have a complete set yet... maybe next year

excuse the roll of tape. not sure how I missed that! We've (me)been wrapping all hours of the night!

I stole this little arrangement idea from another very talented decorator friend!
I wired in some pretty heavy peices this year. Last year we bought a real tree and I couldn't get anything to stay on the branches. So this year we went HEAVY DUTY and I wired all sorts of treasures in the tree.

The leopard ribbon really makes my heart skip a beat. I could sit in the living room with my coffee and just look at the tree all day (literaly)

The annual gingerbread house... it looks the same every year. I think we need a new kit next year. We need to step it up!
Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

cc 2011

I never could get a great photo of the two minions so we went with a year in photos. I love this years card. It really captures some of our favorite moments and fun times!
We wish you a very merry christmas and a happy 2012!
Were headed to Galveston to the Festivile of Lights and staying on the island... the kids (and I) are beyond excited. off to pack!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday

I love the colors in this photo. I love her expression.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011