Monday, January 31, 2011

Isn't She Lovely?

Grandma would love the fresh slip that covers her favorite rocker... I couldn't bring myself to re-upholster. I just couldn't. I can still see Edna sitting sweetly in her little rocker. It's funny to me now... the rocker is soooo very tiny and I don't ever remember it looking to small for her. It fit her perfectly. Me... not so much. I love the lines of the slip and the all the little details in the inverted pleating and the mother of pearl buttons. My friend is very talented. I couldn't be more pleased with the way she turned out. Grandma would be happy to know that her little rocker will be loved and used for years to come. She was a frugal gal that Edna. I love her so very much and I will love to see Libbie curled up in grandma's chair... I plan to have her monogrammed in the future.




Sunday, January 30, 2011


We got the news that our TA would be processed before the CNY (Chinese new year). The CCAA will be closed this week, but worked on Saturday so.... our TA was either mailed Friday or Saturday. Our agency called to inform us that it was on the way and asked if would we be prepared to travel... Feb 18th!!! Are you kidding me?!?!? YES. That has been our hopeful date through this process. We are so excited... So... if our agency receives the TA on Monday, they will immediately contact the Consulate to schedule our visa appointment. The CCAA usually responds in one or two days which means we won't hear back from them until after the CNY (the week of the 7th) So we won't be able to purchase tickets until we hear back from them. As soon as we have an appointment we'll know we can purchase the airline tickets and be on our way to CHINA! Hold on Sissy, your family is coming. We went out for dinner (Chinese) with friends last night and get ready for this... my fortune read, "Be prepared for your plans to change." Are you kidding me?? I don't want plans to change unless it means were departing sooner!

With news of the fast (19 days away!!) approaching travel plans, I have been in crazy nesting mode. Yesterday we woke up and I decided, I could no longer tolerate our disorganized, dirty looking pantry. I've cleaned it numerous times, but it still looked filthy. It needed to be painted and it had 30 YEAR OLD contact paper attached to every shelf. When we had the floors put in we removed the RUBBER base board... yes rubber. (long story) and we haven't replaced it with new trim. When the rubber was removed the black nasty glue was left on the walls... TERRIBLE. So I woke up yesterday morning ready to wage war with the pantry... Hoot played all day and kept asking if I was going to get the mess cleaned up before dad got home... it was that bad! I didn't have a budget for this project so I shopped the garage... I had some left over paint and 4 burlap potato sacks left over from Hoot's Halloween party. I had a plan!
The Befores... I've always been transparent so NO Judgement... It's bad!
DSC_4354 Just a little paint and it looks 1000x better

The paper was so old it couldn't come clean. I even tried Comet...

This is the worst of it... at some point there must have been a water leak. These stains have grossed me out since we purchased the house! Our washer and dryer is on the other side of the wall so I'm thinking leak... Isn't the rubber glue lovely.. would you want to store food in this pantry??

I took EVERYTHING OUT... Hoot could not beleive the magnitude of the mess I made

The after... I'll pick up some cute glass containers for things, but at least it's clean for now. I lined the shelves with the burlap sacks.. They cover the paper and it will work for now!



When Lambert got home, Hoot said mom made a terrible mess today, but I didn't.... He totally ratted me out!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Passport and The Pink Room

So, Hoots Passport arrived today!! PTL! And without further adieu... her room...

I'm thinking it's a little cluttery. I went overboard on some things, but it's all so super cute. I may have to edit and cull through it before it's final. I still have to paint the dresser (it's at a repair shop right now) and my great grandmothers rocker is being slip covered... it's almost done. the room feels a little cramped and it's a LARGE room...

I need to put corkboard in the white vintage frame... like I said... still a work in progress

My father in law gave me this wonderful cabinet. It's very heavy. Lambert had to secure it to the studs. I'm in love with it.

The light fixture was a junky dining room light fixture that was actually hanging in our master bedroom when we moved in. I thought it was awful, but held onto it. A little pink paint and linen shades (that I tricked up a bit) and she looks pretty cute. I'm glad I didn't trash it.

I love this little bamboo chest too. I spotted in an antique store in Brenahm while on a ladies retreat. I wasn't in my car so I couldn't take it home with me... I drove all the way back the next week and thank goodness it was still there. The adorable red/pink stiched quilt is a TREASURE my stepmom (in Indiana) gave me. LOVE IT TOO!!! She's given me some wonderful antiques and vintage goodies over the years.
I framed Libbie's announcement and one of her shower invites.

I have waited years a years to decorate this sweet little girls room. Don't get me wrong I totally enjoyed (even more than I thought I would) decorating Hoot's room. I have collected so many little vintage treasures for Libbie's room and I am loving every minute of seeing it come together. Can't wait to share Grandma's rocker and the dressers when they're done!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Weekend



It was a delightful weekend indeed... Friday night we had dinner in our home with a sweet couple and their kiddos from our small group. We enjoyed the dinner and the fellowship so much. It was a fun night with a lot of laughter! Saturday, Hoot and I spent the morning cuddling (our all time favorite Saturday morning ritual) and then we took a trip to our community library. I'm going to admit it... we haven't been since he was two for toddler time... I know... mother of the year. We got a card, checked out a ton o' books and spent the rest of the afternoon reading together. While we were at the library we ran into a little friend and his sweet mommy (also a fellow blogger) and had a great time visiting. Our library is truly awesome. we will be going back often.. much cheaper than buying books! Saturday night.... it was guys night. Lambert and two friends took their sons to MONSTER JAM! I went last year and that was enough to last me a life time... I think I posted about it... NEVER again... Lambert came home this year and said he was done too... I cracked up. He texted me on the way home to tell me he was bringing me a Gravedigger thong... nice!! The sad thing is, I'm almost certain they were available for purchase... I on the other hand spent 6 full hours of just meeee time.. I finished shopping for a few last minute items for our China trip. I had dinner at my all time favorite spot to dine alone.... La Madeline... I think I've posted before that there is something about spending just me time in La Madeline ... I enjoyed a Cesar salad with warm chicken and a cup of french onion soup. YUMMY I was so relaxing and it's really the only place I like to dine solo... not to say that I wouldn't enjoy it with friends too. This evening we had dinner with several couples from our small group at a local wing spot so the guys could watch the game. Once again lots of laughter and great conversation! It was a full weekend and very relaxing. We also got good news that Hoot's passport is on it's way... no delays!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Last Wait... and the never ending question...

Orphan No MORE!!!! We are so excited to meet our precious daughter! This is Why China....

2010 was a year of perpetual waiting. We waited for approvals, for Visas, for back ground checks and re-checks only to then wait for something else on this journey to our girl! I'm happy to say we are on the last leg of the wait. We received our Article 5 approval January 18th and we are now officially waiting for TA (Travel Approval). I've seen approvals take 6 days, and up to 40 days... the average wait right now is around 17 days according to Rumor Queen... which I stalk daily. We could be on the lengthier side of the estimated travel time, due to the Chinese New Year. It starts Feb 2nd and lasts until (I think the 8th is when the government offices re-open) the 14th (I think) So, our tentative travel date is February 18th.. it could be the next week though.... we're praying for a speedy TA! I just want to encourage any of you that are contemplating adopting from China. Just do it! It's worth the wait (i can say that now that it's almost over) God provided the financing every step of the way and has not failed us. If He calls you to it... He will see you through it. I'm not sure everyone understands why were adopting from China. We've been asked that question a lot. "Why China?" I encourage you to direct family and friends that are skeptical of Chinese adoption to watch "The Lost Girls of China, hosted by Lisa Ling ( i think you can watch it via You Tube) God called me to China over 12 years ago. I can remember the exact moment He placed it on my heart. It took Lambert a lot longer to wrap his head and heart around it, but he fully gets it now. Some are called to adopt from other countries and some are called to adopt in the US. I just say do what God leads you to do and you can 't go wrong. The world may not get it, but God's word is clear that His ways are not the worlds ways... just do it!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Date Night

So last night Lambert and I had an awesome date night. Our church hosted a Married Life Live event. Childcare was provided!!! We had adult conversation (always nice), fellowship with friends, entertainment and bbq! It was a great night and much needed. We've (I've) been so consumed with preparing for our China trip, running around like a mad woman, that a night off was just what the doctor ordered. We are so thankful for the new friendships we've established. Last night I heard something that hit me. The entertainers were a couple from Tyler that shared their testimony with us. It was fun and life applicable. Anyway, the husband shared that he kept filling himself with "things" he desired, money, fame, material possessions, vacations (he didn't go into detail) but he didn't feel full until he emptied himself of himself and started pouring into the lives of others. I sometimes get caught up in me... what can I get? What do I need, how can I be served? I could go on... but when I feel the most satisfied is when I give, serve love, invest in others. You would think it's the other way around, but it's not. I can sit back and admire all that I have and feel utterly empty and long for more. When I look outward and do and give to others (the way God intended) it's an amazing feeling of joy and satisfaction. I forget about my needs when I see that I can meet the "true NEEDS" of others. I wish I could master this lifestyle, but the "me" in me always seems to creep back up and I start finding ways to satisfy that need to feel full... am I alone?


This is how Lambert felt about posing for the fun photos!!

At the end of the night we picked up Hoot and took him on the hay ride. It was too cold for Hoot's mom so I stayed back and took photos! BURRRR

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Celebrity Friends!

My good friends are in Haiti right now spending time with their soon (hopefully) to be adopted son, Vensley. They were planning to go visit back in December, but their trip was cancelled due to rioting. Leslie was devastated. Her husband and oldest son went on a mission trip this past summer and God put sweet Vensely on Mark's heart. Little did Leslie know that when Mark returned home, they would soon be adopting their 3rd child! They have one biological son and one biological daughter and soon they will bring home their third adopted son. God is so good. So a month ago Leslie and I were talking about their cancelled trip (just hours before they were to get on the plane) and all the WHYS and What IF's... She is faithful and knew that God must be up to something. They got the news they would travel in January and they left last week. While they were there, The Today Show crew (yes THE TODAY SHOW) interviewed them regarding the one year anniversary of the earthquake and their adoption plans. So my friends will be aired this Wednesday, I can't wait to watch. Hope you do too. You can't miss Leslie, she is a beautiful blonde and Mark always has a twinkle in his eye! Maybe we'll get to see little Vensley too. You can read more about my friends here:


What a Great New Year
Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Waiting and Leopard

So were down to the wire. Libbie's room is (almost) done. We should be done this weekend wit the final touches. We're waiting on a small dresser to be repaired and then painted and Lambert has to build some additional shelving in her closet :) love you Lambert. We've debated all along as to would we take Hoot with us to China or leave him with the grandparents... We finally decided that it would be best to leave him at home. However, last week I was in a store and met a mother with a young daughter, from China. We struck up a conversation and it felt like we were old friends. She asked if we would take our son and I told her that we had decided not to. The words she said moved me as if the Holy Spirit was speaking to right to my soul. She had two boys that she took with her to China (they were both younger than Hoot) she said it was just a wonderful time for their family to bond. No cell phones, office calls, no errands to run, chores to do, and so on. It was 12 uninterrupted days of pure family bonding.... I didn't share that with Lambert. I chewed on it for a while, (i can't say that I prayed about it, but i should have.) Monday I asked Lambert if he thought we should take Hoot with us... He told me to get his passport ready, he was going!!! Hoot is a pretty easy low mantinece kid. He has his moments like any 6 year old, but he is well behaved and can entertain himself with books, dvds LEGOS etc. He has said all along he didn't want to go, because he is scared to fly... I told him that I will give him a little grape flavored pill that will help him rest on the plane (his pediatrician said this was perfectly appropriate so don't be judge'n)

We've got about a week and a half left to wait for our Article 5 ( i told you i don't know much about it, but we have to have it and it takes two weeks to get it) then we will be officially waiting for our travel approval (which could take 2-3 weeks longer) We ordered his passport today and then we'll need to obtain his Visa. I'm a little nervous that there will be a delay with his passport because we didn't have the "long" form, that is required) the agent said we could send in supplemental records with the "short" form and they MAY not accept it. if not we will need to order the long form (only takes 2 days I'm told) and send it in... Pray that they accept what we've sent in.

Leopard... I have had leopard love as long as I can remember. I have the leopard towels, RL leopard sheets, a leopard lamp and I even have a pair of (they are from Talbots before you get a visual of spandex) leopard cropped pants (focus please). I've always been drawn to it. If I had a staircase in my house, it would be dressed in leopard. I am very aware that has been overdone and not done well on many levels these past few years. ( my dad hates my leopard hat and shoes) I dont' wear them together (promise) but when it's done well, it's timeless and classic!
Like this!!!
leopard casa sugar

or this...

Here's where I'm going with this... hang with me. I think somethings are just in your blood, hereditary, in your genes. My grandmother has always been a woman I have admired (for many reasons). I don't think I can recall a time that she wasn't put together. We could be scrubbing baseboards and her nails were perfectly manicured in a shimmery Rosy pink color (her toes always matched) She was the best dresser too (she is still alive and still dresses great, I'm just remembering in past tense) She is the ultimate preppy gal and I guess I picked it up (i've actually just figured this out recently) Stay with me... I was cleaning out the Christmas closet this weekend and came across her wedding photo album that I have looked at many times... I NEVER noticed it until this weekend. Look at my grandmothers dresscoat on her wedding day... I'm telling you... it's in the blood
I know it's a little fuzzy, but look at the collar

Like I said, when done right... Timeless, classic...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!! 2011

WE started out for an early dinner in Galveston and then came home for some family Wii... at 8:30 i was in my jammies and ready for bed. We did somehow manage to make it to midnight. Chef Daddy Lambert made is sigature waffles and I made some crispy bacon. I think we were all in bed at 12:01AM and asleep before it was 12:02...

DSC_4300 YUMMY!!

Lego Love

Bring on 2011. We are excited for what God has in store for our family. We are eager to meet Libbie and finally bring our daughter home. It's hard to believe that 2010 passed so quickly. At times I thought a week would never come, but when I look back, they came and went in a blink of an eye. In 2011, I want to spend more time with God. I want to know his voice intimately. I know this means slowing down and spending more time in his word and just being still. I want to spend more time enjoying my family. So often, I find myself racing from one chore to the next or spending way too much time in front of this computer!!! (an hour passes at warp speed when I get online... am I alone??). This week we have so enjoyed our family time together. We have played the Wii (which I was not in favor of purchasing) till all hours of the night, ( I am the high scoring record holder in bowling...) we've watched movies, laid around, played with Hoots Nascar track and.... BUILT COUNTLESS LEGOS!!!!!!! He has quite a collection on display in our family room for all to admire. He's taken on several Lego projects all to himself and he's done pretty darn good.