Monday, April 8, 2013

Hazy Day on the Dock

Libbie has become quite the cooperative subject these days. She loves to be photographed. I'm taking full advantage of it while it lasts. I'm certain this will be a short season. She enjoys looking at herself and I often find her in her room looking in the mirror and talking. I remember when Hoot did this. Hoot was selected to be in his shcool play, South Pacific, so he is busy in the afternoons with rehersal. I've had a few opportunities to take Libbie out for sessions. I'm still in awe of her deep dark eyes. She is such a beauty and a silly silly little girl all the same. “For finding your mother, there's one certain test. You must look for the creature who loves you the best.” —David Kirk, DSC_6435wm DSC_6455wm DSC_6444wm DSC_6458wm and just to demonstrate the silly.... DSC_6453wm


  1. So GOOD to see an update about SWEET LIBBIE and hear about HOOT!! These pictures are so precious!!! Love the LOCATION shot!!!

  2. Oh my! These do show her personality! Such a beautiful, silly girl for sure!

  3. LOVE those Shelley!!! Her laugh is the absolute BEST!