Friday, September 13, 2013



Hoot turned nine last month. Tomorrow we will celebrate with a few of his friends. NINE... how in the world did that happen? NINE~ sigh..... Nine is no longer sleeping in mom's bed and snuggling under the covers. Yes he slept all of the night or most of the night in our bed until he reached the number nine. Usually he started off in his bed and then creeped into ours around 2AM. I told him that when he grew hair on his legs he would have to start sleeping in his own bed. Well the hair came and he told me that when his hair turned curly like his daddy's legs he would migrate to his bed... It happened at NINE but his hair hasn't curled yet. I thought we had a plan... The whole night he's not in our bed.... sigh... I know a lot of parents are judging right now, but I don't care. I loved him curled up or sprawled out in our bed. So sad. Nine is reading mystery books under his covers with a flashlight. Nine is boy humor. Nine is too old to hold my hand in a parking lot or busy store. He can keep up without being physically attached to me. Eight was still in a booster seat.... Nine... not so much. Nine is modesty and privacy. Nine is completing LEGO sets solo... no help from Daddy. Nine is asking tough questions and expecting real answers. Nine is understanding we live in a broken world. Nine is still innocent and tender. Nine is honest and thoughtful, witty, and often wise beyond nine. I love this nine year old Hoot. He is a wonderful son. Nine years came so quickly. I fear nine more years will come just the same and he will be leaving our nest. I know our job from day one was to help hin depart from the nest. I just can't imagine it though. More times than I care to admit I'm the mom that won't let go. I'm protective and cautious. I fear the worst in almost all circumstances. (he was in a booster until this year for goodness sake) Maybe I am a control freak... I'll talk to my counselor about it nine years. . Hoot will probably talk to his counselor about it too... Ha! Happy Birthday Son.


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