Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Decking and Slip Covering The Halls!

So much to post! So little time! I've kept my sewing elf busy busy this season. She is absolutely an amazing upholstery genius! She has taken very inexpensive drop cloth and transformed my home! You all know I am a Craigslist junkie and much of what I score needs to be recovered. My family has learned to embrace it and go with it. I am loving the look!

AND.... if you read my previous post about the sterling Repousse by Kirk & Son.... well would you believe...? (I could not!!!) that my grandmother owns a very similar pattern by Reed Barton. I already had 8 of the demitasse spoons in my china cabinet (and didn't know it!!!). My Grandmother was given this set from her mother for her wedding gift... She read my post and guess what arrived in the mail this week? I am still in shock and buys polishing. First I can't believe that she owned this and I never knew it and that I actually had pieces of it she had given me years back and didn't know it! (They were tucked away in a beautiful bag with other mother of pearl flatware she had given me. Libbie's birthday is this Saturday. We are throwing her a dainty tea (she wanted a ninja party) and will definitely bring out the new flatware!

Here are a few pics to inspire you to start decking your halls and look for creative money saving ways to enhance your home.

Love love the pleats

Excuse the clutter. I have not picked up this morning. We crafted last night in the living room and I have a destroyer... her name starts with L

Next I will rip out the fabric on the tops of the chairs and cover with drop cloth. I just scored these chairs last weekend and she completed the covers yesterday!


I loved the way the kids silhouettes turned out too. Spencer our Elf likes the new dining room look!

Aren't they FABULOUS!!







My tree is a little different this year.. I used mostly nativity scenes. This one is one of my favorites. It was also given to me by my Grandmother. I have 6 of them and they are a treasure. I love using items in my house that belong to family. It makes me reflect on just how blessed I am. Even though we are miles apart I feel a connection and they are close in my heart.


I love using white roses and pink poinsettias. Roses are usually on sale this time of year at your local grocery store.


AND THIS... is the very best fragrance out there for making your home smell like Christmas!!!

Back door Almost everyone comes to my back door so we had to adorn it too.

These beautiful Santas are from an artist in North Webster Indiana. She and her partner create beautiful one of a kind santas every year. My dad has sent me one each year for the past few years. They are hard to get as they only produce a limited number. They sell them at a local craft fair and the sell out quickly.

This one looks great on my bed!

I bought this ticking duvet cover last year in Dallas. I think it looks great with the Tartan Christmas plaid!


  1. Beautiful! I wish your seamstress lived closer to me - I have a chair that needs that exact slipcover! Your home looks so lovely this Christmas. I love all of your chippy paint paired with traditional mirrors and frames.

    1. Thank you Megan! it's a work in progress that's for sure. But I love how easy the drop cloth is... it washes well and I'm not worried about it like I am with linen... Like I said I have a destroyer! L----- :)