Monday, November 3, 2014

Ive almost forgotten how to blog~

I'm still around blog peeps. I'm posting this just for you Grandma Sally!!! October has come and gone and now I'm feeling the pressure of only 7 more Fridays til Christmas!!! I have 16 family photo sessions booked, a couple parties to shoot and one December wedding to add to the mix...and I still have my faithful Christmas decorating clients that need me! Oh yeah and a big 7 year old birthday party for The Doll!! No pressure... but I love every minute of it. The weather this weekend was none less than perfect. Hoot wasn't feeling well for Halloween. He almost didn't even dress up. He's got nagging sinus and allergies just like his daddy. Libbie knew what she wanted to be the day after Halloween last year and never wavered once she made up her mind.(I don't want to imagine what next years costume will be) We found this adorable pink ninja costume on Ebay for a song and she was delighted. She practiced her ninja skills for over a month and was ready for battle come Halloween night. This year we decided to stay home and have a friends over for chili and treats. We've never been home on Halloween so it was fun to pass out candy to all the spooks and goblins and precious Elsa, Ana and Olfas that graced our door. I'm signing off to get busy editing and hope to post again soon! Love you Grandma Sally:)




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  1. So glad to see your back in blogland but even happier to see you ENJOYING LIFE!! The kids are growing up!! Love the Ninja, she is perfect!!