Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

Papa and Hoot on the Big tractor
Papa and Hoot picking berries

Great Papa Truman on the way to canoe on the river!!

Papa and Hoot a the big fair!!
hoot looks just like my family. I can see great papa Truman in Hoot's eyes. I have a picture of my grandpa when he was a kid and they look a lot alike!

Happy Father's Day to my dad, my grandpa and my Lambert. I am very blessed.
Papa, Hoot and Lambert Good Guys!
Watching the ships come in at the Monument My guys... build cars.... it's what they do

My dad built this "car" and sold it to Lambert's dad. He delivered it a few weeks ago. the guys think it's very cool... I think it's cool but very rusty!

My dad... so very talented. He gave me my creativity. (i can't build cars...)

Lambert's dad... Papa Lambert JUST CRAZY!!

Hoot gets his crazy side from Papa Lambert (I'm certain)

Then.... there is Daddy Lambert.... words can not describe the Father that he is. If there is an award to be given... he gets it. Okay okay.. I'm getting misty eyed... enough said.

Hoot... idolizes his daddy... which is great because Lambert demonstrates Gods love daily to his son and family and community. I could not be prouder!

Daddy Lambert lends a hand, gives an encouraging word, and always has a place for Hoot to lay his head. He is a picture of strength for our little family. he is a provider, a friend and a great dad!

I love you!!

It's Father's Day.... I recently got to spend some time with my dad and it was a blast. He lives in Indiana so we don't get to visit as often as we'd like. It was great to have him spend a couple days with Hoot and when it was time for him to go, we were all sad. Lucky for us, we're headed to Indiana in a few weeks so we'll get to more spend time with him and my step mother. (Granna) Hoot has already told us that he's not going to come home with us and that he is going to stay with papa and granna and go to farm school. I think this would be just fine with papa and granna. (don't worry, were not leaving him!) I am very fortunate that my dad and Lambert get a long GREAT. They share a very common interest and my dad is thankful Lambert got me out of his house! I love you dad, more than you know and can't wait to come visit. (yes.. he reads my blog actually granna reads it to him, but I'm thankful he's interested) Happy Fathers Day! What a softy I am.... Truly... I am blessed
Proverbs 4:1[ Wisdom Is Supreme ] Listen, my sons, to a father's instruction; pay attention and gain understanding.


  1. I love your sweet little family!!! You guys are all precious!!!

  2. Very Nicely Done......How Sweet! Great Tribute To All The Men In Your Life!

  3. I love these pictures! Priceless :)