Sunday, June 20, 2010

Indiana Dreaming

As we pull into North Manchester In, this is the wonderful sight that greets us. Papa and Granna are surrounded by beautiful farms, some even AMISH.... I am in Heaven!We always head to the County 4H Fair.... this is the lake my grandparents lived on and we enjoyed as I was a little girl. The fairgrounds back right up to their property.

I think.... their roof line is right beyond the top of this red and white big tent. (i think) It's a beautiful view to take in.
The animal barns are a favorite.

I could not resist throwing these photos of Hoot in a shoot out with two older cowboys. It is so cute to watch this in a slide show, because it looks like a movie in action...
You got me...!
Don't shooot I got my hands up...
You're goin' down too partner..
They didn't stand a chance against spider cowboy!
Now lets go grab a corndog with granna and papa.
and ride some rides...
Okay, this is a little scary

Put your hands in the air...

then there's great grandparents...
look at those eyes. she's still got the touch
I think they like each other...
On the farm

the deer are coming in across the bean field at dusk
Granna, Papa and Hootser on the river.

The whole family canoed, even the Greats.
Back on the farm... another shoot out with the cousins Swinging in the breeze
the girls
Out to mow so we can pick berries later.

4 wheel'n fun!
Lake Webster (amazing cottages we view from the Dixie)

The Dixie

Berry picking

Hunting eggs (not from the Easter Bunny)

When I was creating the Father's Day post, I came across my photo folder from last years trip to Indiana. I don't think I ever posted all the wonderful photos from our awesome trip. I have to share them because it's such a wonderful place and we are so looking forward to going next month. As I looked through the photos from last year I realized how much I missed and will have to capture this year. It's overwhelming just how beautiful it is. So who wants to come with us??

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