Friday, November 19, 2010

Guys Only!

Today was early release day for Hoot. He was super excited that Lambert would be picking him up from school and spending the afternoon with him. So, this morning Lambert told him that when he picked him up they would head over to Hoot's favorite pizza place. This place happens to be right across the street from my office. So I said, well that would be great. I could meet them there and then they could go on their way... Hoot informed me that today was just a guys day... No girls... mom, sorry, your a girl... I thought surely he would forget by lunch time so I called while Lambert was in the pick up line... He put Hoot on the phone to talk to me. I ran the plan by him one more time thinking he might change his mind and have mercy on his poor hungry mother. Once again he informed me that it was guys only and I wasn't a guy... then he said, I don't want to make you cry and you don't need to find a new family, we can spend time together when you get home from work... and with that, he handed the phone back to Lambert... I ate lunch, solo... When I got home I found out that they spent the afternoon at Toys R Us and this is what they decided on... Lambert went to see Toby Mac tonight so it was a mommy and Hoot night. I'm not nearly as cool as Lambert, but we did have a good time together.



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  1. Wow, that looks like something a father and son would pick out. I thought about getting it for Matt, how would you rate it?

    Glad he let you hang out with him that night :)