Monday, June 25, 2012

Date Day

DSC_2886 This weekend our church hosted a Princess Daddy Daughter Breakfast. I had planned on treating Lambert to a get away golf weekend for his 40th Birthday (which is in July, but were crazy busy in July). However, he came down with SHINGLES!!! It's horrible. So we were in town and he was able to take sweet Wawa to her first Daddy/Daughter event. I decided I would take Hoot on a date as well so he wouldn't feel left out. We dropped Libbie off at the church to meet Daddy and Hoot and I headed to Cracker Barrel for a country breakfast. Hoot really wanted to go to the Lego Store for our "date". I think the "date" was just a catalyst to get him to the Lego Store. We decided to take the kids out separately that evening for dinner and some quality one on one time. Daddy and Wawa dined at Mario's Flying Pizza. Hoot and I spent our evening on the patio (his choice) at Cafe Express... It was soooo hot, but how could I tell my 7 year old gentleman, no.?? We had the best time just talking and being still. Hoot decided he would like to take a stroll through Barnes and Nobles before heading to the Lego Store... He's going to be a catch someday for all you praying moms!! My favorite date night activity includes dinner and a bookstore. After our one on one time we met Daddy and Wawa for dessert. Lambert's been driving my car all week and he left a Michael Jackson cd in the player... We drove with the sunroof open and the windows down with Michael Jackson cranked! I rarely change my radio station or listen to it very loud, so Hoot thought he was big stuff listening to Thriller and Dirty Diana... (it won't happen again anytime soon). He asked me to turn down the music and wanted to know if I thought Michael Jackson was in Heaven.. I told him that I didn't really know where Michael Jackson was and changed the subject. He was good with that, but I'm pretty certain our conversation will continue when I least expect it...  (consquences for my sin!!! )Hoot was such a gentleman on our date night. He even walked around to open my car door for me. He pulled out my chair and held all the doors... AND HELD MY HAND during dinner.... I'm not sure where he learned all these skills, but like I said... CATCH some day. DSC_2874 DSC_2887 Doesn't she look so proud to be with her daddy? It was such a sweet event. 181864_194363460692730_803489231_n


  1. They are both so sweet! I'm bummed that we were out of town and missed the daddy daughter breakfast.

  2. Oh I just LOVE this!!!!! Miss Libbie looks so beautiful and so grown up!!!!! your dates sounds like perfection to me (dinner and bookstore).

    We do dates with our kiddos too although it has been a while. This reminded me we need to do another one soon.

  3. Hey Shelly, thanks so much for stopping by ~ these are just precious and what great memories you all are creating with your kiddos!!!
    I love Libby in her dress, she is stunning!!!! (Seeing these brings back a lot of memories for me! lol) Love the pic of Libby with her Dad, sweet!!:)
    Love, love, LOVE!!!!!!xo