Thursday, June 7, 2012


Lately it's been babies. I can't say that I love shooting babies unless... they are asleep. I love shooting older children that are more compliant. There is no negotiating a sweet smile for just a tiny second... with a cranky toddler. However if I can get them distracted for that money shot... perfection. DSC_1505wm DSC_1404wm DSC_1394wm Summer is in full swing. Kiddos are super busy, well at least for Hoot. The Doll tags along happily. Were making a summer list of all the things we've done. Each evening he journals the days events. So when he says he's so bored and we never do anything... he can go get the list. We've already been to The Woodlands Resort, made a trip to Nana's, joined the swim team (which practices EVERY weekday for one hour) joined the summer reading club at the library, viewed The Avengers and so on. We have a trip planned for Indiana in July and I'm certain we'll spend many weekends in Galveston. I had no idea how tiring swim team would be. Hoot swims laps in an Olympic size pool for one hour straight. I thought for sure he'd quit after the first practice. He loves it! He is so tired by 8:00 he can hardly keep his eyes open. And that's not all. My terrible eater... he's gone. This new and improved athlete eats like a horse. He is so hungry after swimming and he's making healthy choices. I've been reflecting this morning about past summers. I would be at the office by now and the babysitter would be feeding my children and then enjoying the rest of the summer day with them. I am so very thankful to be at home with my kiddos. My part time job has evolved this past year and now I am helping with a new project we've rolled out. I am still able to work from home and I love what I'm doing. God is so great and faithful. I remember how anxious I was last year around this time. I couldn't decide if I should stay at work or go ahead and make the leap to be at home. I would be giving up so much. I must be honest, there have been times this year that I wondered if I had made a mistake by leaving. I've even been a little resentful. but then I look at those sweet faces that someday won't need me and I know I'm right where I am supposed to be. The adjustment has not been easy for me. My social life has pretty much ceased. I used to enjoy lunches with girlfriends and free time to chat while I drove to my next appointment. I can hardly squeeze in a hair appointment these days. Managing a household is a full time job! Happy Summer to all you house managers! I salute you!

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