Friday, August 31, 2012

Mortify your Teens

If I only had a teenager right now! We've been shooting some weddings and a couple receptions so I've recently learned a few new dance moves... I haven't listened to mainstream radio for about 13 years... (i know i'm old) so... I don't know any of the hip songs teens are into these days. I shot a sweet sixteen party last weekend and about died at what the kids were dancing to. I don't know if the words are vulgar because I could barely understand them,( i really don't think there were any offensive words) but if you want to totally (impress or humilate) your teens... I highly suggest you checkout these two Youtube dance videos 3472226412_332cec2f3c perryhallbernie sorry I still don't know how to insert a link :( just copy and paste :) old school now... neither of these dances are too hard to learn. Both sets of grandparents were breaking it down with the teens... you just have to get loose and then have your teenagers invite some of their cool friends over and break out your new moves. it might be a good idea to dim the lighting and crank up the music... it's a much cooler effect this way. i have cracked up just driving down the road thinking about how funny the adults looked working these moves. I even caught myself "moving like bernie" down the hallway today as I put away ironed clothes. I crack myself up! The bernie dance I'm told is based of the 80's movie Weekend at Bernies.... it's perfect! I apologize in advance if either of these viedos offend anyone. Not my intention. Hope you get a great laugh.


  1. you and lambert do the bernie - me and mrs peanut got the stanky leg. Next dinner...

    I think Hoot and Har have the stanky leg with us, the sisters have the bernie with yous guys.
    And Will just shakes his head at us old people...


  2. ahhh crusher. I knew you would get it. I worried about who I might offend... i think it's stinkin hilarious! this isn't stephen it's sal

  3. We had BIG laughs over the stanky leg and Bernie last night. Will knew of them of old folks did NOT! I think we break it down next month at Crusher's 50th birthday party. Y'all better clear your calendars!!!