Sunday, August 12, 2012

Not Slowing Down

School starts for us in a week@!! HOLY GUACAMOLE!! It seems like summer flew by at lighting speed. Hobby Lobby has their Halloween and some Christmas out and so does Homegoods! Where did it go?? We made a journal this summer of all the fun things we did together. At last summers end Hoot said we were very boring and he didn't get to do anything fun.... so we journaled... EVERYTHING! I'm shooting a wedding Galveston tomorrow evening (can not wait). I did this little mini session last week and the photos turned out great. I've been taking a photography class, but I haven't been very good with my homework assignments. I've been helping out at Hoot (AND LIBBIE's) school this last week so I'm excited to get out the camera tomorrow. Wawa's uniforms are so sooooo cute on her. Hoot is ready to get back to school too. Everyone is ready but me! (as always) DSC_4617wm DSC_4563wm Beautiful!

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