Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all! Cold in Houston

It finally feels like fall and we will rejoice even if it's only for one day! The littles have begged me to drag out the Halloween decorations every day for about 2 weeks. It's hard to get into fall when it's 90 degrees and the mosquitoes are still invading! I love fall decorating, but I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. Hoot lives for Halloween and all the creepiness that comes with it. I'm mostly to blame. We had a few awesome Halloween parties when he was little and I think he had the most fun. He loves to dress up and talks about Halloween all year long. We have been planning his Halloween costume since last November. It has changed at least 300 times and were still not 100% certain of what he will be this year. He usually manages to score two costumes. We buy him one and then one of the grands will be manipulated into buying the other. I'm not sure how he works this magic but he does. When I was growing up we usually invented our costumes with what we had around the house. I was a punk rocker one year and used almost a whole tub a Vaseline in my hair... yeah no one told me that wasn't a good idea... My poor hair was greasy for 3 months. No amount of washing seemed to help. Not cool in 6th grade... Daddy Lambert went to Dallas this weekend to a car show so the kids and I readied the house for his return. Owen wants to transform our garage into a haunted house so we can scare him when he opens the door... This is coming from the kid who is still scared of Dr. Jiggles from Veggie Tales.. He's a big talker... Instead we baked up some delightful goodies hoping that would lure him home! I'm the worlds biggest chicken (aside from Hoot) and hate when he is gone. I hear every creek and crack and just know there is a boogie man under my bed! So both kids have slept with me this weekend. We crawled in and snuggled close. We watched an all time favorite, The Wizard of Oz... The kids were mesmerized just as I was when I was little. I can't wait to take them to see the play this fall.














There is a Ninjia dying to escape this pint size 5 year old little girl!

I love Hoots face. This is the Truman look of concentration.. I do it and so does my dad..

I'm so thankful we put in a HUGE island when we bought this house. Little did we know it would accomodate our little chef Libbie. It's perfect!

I think were all ready for Dad to come home! And FALL to stay!!!