Thursday, November 14, 2013

Latest Obession

So Miss Mustard Seed has me on the hunt! Not sure if anyone can tell me who makes this sterling flatware?? I am in LOVE!! I think it's made by Kirk and Son.. but hoping to find it out there by a similar manufacturer that is in my price range... OR maybe I will come across it at a junk store and some crazy person will have thrown it out because it belonged to their great Mimi and they didn't know what it was!! Its so beautiful I can hardly contain myself!!


022 copy


  1. Yes, this is repousse by Samuel Kirk. It's very beautiful and very expensive! You have excellent taste. If you find a comparable pattern, please post and let us know. This was my grandmother's pattern, and so holds a lot of nostalgia for me.

  2. Thanks Mandy! Yes I seem to ALWAYS like the finer things... even when I don't know they are finer. I'll be on the look out for us!

  3. Mandy, apparently I/we do have excellent taste. I've researched this family owned and operated silversmith doing business from 1892-1979 and searched for a similar pattern to no avail. I can give you a historical overview and even share this wonderful link... and i can tell you.... there is nothing like it out there in the market! When I got married I had little guidance on selecting flatware and I'm certain sterling wasn't even on the radar. I was young and not too fancy. Funny how our taste change as we grow wiser in years... Even on Ebay this particular pattern is way out of my league. So join me in my quest at junk stores across America and maybe one of us will have some luck! I'd be happy with a dessert fork :) Happy Thanksgiving friend!

    1. I actually looked this weekend, while we were rambling though antique stores with some friends. I found a whole set of my grandmother's wedding china, but no flatware. (My husband was not-so-thrilled that I bought more dishes, lol!) Happy Thanksgiving to you guys too!

  4. Look what I found... If you're serious about owning a piece of this. $22 BIN :)