Saturday, October 2, 2010

Feeling Like Fall

Fall Decorating!!

Lambert is out of town so Hoot and I pulled out the Halloween boxes this afternoon. I did a little furniture/clutter editing and then a quick cleaning... We were ready to put out the fall garb! Hoot's favorite holiday (if you can call it that) is Halloween! He loves all things creepy. He thinks he's really brave, but we put on some creepy music and he got tears in his eyes... SCAREDY CAT!!! (just like his momma). Hoot and I had a date night tonight. We went out for dinner, picked up a pumpkin and some halloween cookies. We came home, decorated the pumpkin with his "potato head" kit from last year, now were having cookies. I want to start date nights now so we can continue when Libbie comes home. I think it's important to have one on one time with him. He uses his best manners, says the prayer and acts like the perfect gentleman.
I have only stayed alone in my house one time and it was 10 years ago... last night was my first night and I thought I would be terrified...I fell asleeep at 9:30 and didn't wake up until 7:00AM!!! Tonight is a different story... I am not tired AT ALL!!! So it will be more cleaning and organzing until I just fall out!


  1. Love your decor! Can't believe how big and handsome he is getting....not a baby anymore.... growing up way tooooo fast!

    Oh and don't let your dad give you a hard time....I hate being here alone when he is out of town....I deal with because I have no choice.....but I don't like it!

  2. That pumpkin is great. Very creative! Love date nights :)

  3. You had me laughing with the creepy music. Glad you guys had a fun night and they decorations look great!