Saturday, October 30, 2010

School Fall Fest

Just hold on.... I've found a new option to upload my pics... not sure i understand how it works fully, but I love the photos.. I can finally see them!! Hoot had his fall fest at school yesterday and it was first class. The kids had a great time and we did too. He is SUCH a Truman. I see it in these photos... The Truman Curse. It's the posture. It's a curse... we all have it... the Hunchback of the Truman family.... Lambert calls him the Hunchback of Baytown. He's so funny and if you look closely you'll see he lost another tooth!! The other curse he inherited from the Truman family is the awful Truman Temper... He can go from happy to fighting mad in less than 1 second... the good thing about this curse is that's it completely reversible... he can go from spitting mad to perfectly over it in the same amount of time... however he does leave quite a shock wave for those who just witnessed this type of Truman transformation... It's really a phenomenon... unfortunately it's genetic... I was hoping he wouldn't get it, but he clearly has it... Poor Lambert.. He just shakes his head.





This is a little friend that Hoot really likes at school. They play great together... She bosses him around and he just obeys...


One of the older kids from the other campus came and talked about how were a lot like a pumpkin... We have a lot of messy yucky goop on the inside. God sent Jesus to come along and scoop out all of the goop. He washes us off and cleans us up, then he gives us the gift of the holy spirit that lives inside of us. when the holy spirit lives in us, He will shine through us in the way that we live our lives.... The kids listened so intently as she told the story. I am so thankful that Hoot is hearing the powerful message of the gospel on a daily basis, both at home (which is where it counts most) and at school and church. John 3:4 I have no greater joy than to hear my children are walking in the truth




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