Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am sooo READY

I can not wait for this day on The Red Sofa in Guangzhou!!! This is Marla and Lisa, you must read their blogs! They are both truly amazing women! I feel like they packed me in their carry on and took me with them to China. They captured so much of the beauty in China, it brought me to tears!

This is our Libbie, if you didn't know...
We are hoping for a video or at least some more photos soon!!! I am more than anxious to get to China and meet our girl, especially after reading Lisa's blog the last few days. We began this journey over 4 years ago and it seems like the past few months have dragged out longer than all the 4 years together. We know many people that have just returned from China or are in China now meeting their children. We are ready in many ways and feel very ill prepared in other ways. I have so much left to do in her room and we still have a lot of paper work to file in the up coming weeks. We know that time is going to fly with the Holidays fast approaching. We've been told to be prepared to travel between December- February... However February begins the Chinese New Year so most government offices are closed during this time. Our travel could be extended to March. My prayer is that our paper work will be expedited and we will be able to travel (by the grace of God) in January! I can not wait to lay eyes on our beautiful daughter and bring her home. I find myself day dreaming about her and wondering what she's doing, if she's in therapy etc... I 've recently been reading Lisa's account of her VERY Long Road to China and all that she has experienced the last few weeks. It's been amazing to read her journey and see her finally meet little Regan. I promise you will see similar Red Couch photos of our Libbie. I have no shame in copying. These are the BEST Red Sofa shots I've ever seen! Her photos were amazing partly in fact that she took Marla with her!! Marla works out of Forth Worth and I can PROMISE you that we will be making a trip to visit her with the kiddos when we return from China! She is amazing. They are both inspirations
Happy reading!!


  1. She is beautiful. :) Praying that these next weeks FLY by, Mama!

  2. Hey I stopped by to tell you that I nominated you for a blogger award on my blog. Check it out :)

  3. So glad you stopped by my blog and left me such a sweet comment! Your Libbie is a darling and I bet you are just over the moon to go get her! I am looking forward to going back through your blog to get to know your story! I read on your profile that your favorite book is "Same Kind of Different As Me" - LOVE that book!