Monday, December 5, 2011


Recovery is like a roller coaster.... one day it's up up up and the next taking the plunge to the bottom. The doll has had her ups and downs. This surgery was no joke. I can't imagine the pain she must be in, but sometimes she seems fine. the nights are the worst. I think during the day she is distracted from the pain and she is able to move about more than she can in her bed. We've been home bound except for last night. We were treated to a FABULOUS dinner made with love by the Peanuts. It was nice to get out, but maybe a little selfish. I think WE were ready to get out of the hosue, but Libbie was NOT. She did okay, but she wasn't herself. This week we'll be staying in. The weather is perfect for snuggling by the fire and watching Christmas movies.
The girls were glued to the television... Mickey's Christmas was playing...


I love this photo. she is smitten with Mr. Peanut

Hoot finally slowed down enough to decorate his room.
He likes to do it himself... with an audience for encouragment

These are my favorite ornaments. they are hand painted wooden drummer boys... I bought a lot of them at a churhc gargage sale before I had Hoot for $1.00...

I think he placed every large tartan ornament on one side at the bottom... nice
We don't always wear our underwear when we deck the halls... he just happened to get in the mood after his Sunday morning bath. Were usually in such a hurry to get out the door for church on Sundays... he decided to lounge most of the morning in his undies...

The bean bag has come in handy for Libbie
It's the perfect height to sit at the table and keep her foot elevated.

She enjoys Legos as much as Hoot

The gingerbread house is done...
She thinks it's so cool to lay on our dining table... this doesn't happen often either@!


Sunday was a sweet day!

They have truly bonded and love each other so much!

Hoot loves to read and she loves to be read to.

She just looks like TROUBLE.. sweet trouble


  1. Sigh...selfishly it WAS so good to visit with y'all last night and truth be told...I think it was good for Libbie too. She enjoyed kay-kay and mr. dave and throwing minnie on the floor and the balloons:) Praying she is not n too much pain this week.

    Love Owen's tree:) So cute.

  2. What beautiful photos of such sweet kids. I love the feeling of Christmas that shines through. She is an amazing girl and what a trooper. Big hugs to you mama as you soothe her little body and spirit! Merry Christmas to you all!

  3. What a trooper The Doll is!! Love the spirit that shines in that baby girl. Wishing yoiur family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  4. Such sweet photos the sibling love. Hey, my oldest would probably decorate in his undies too...and he's 19! LOL

  5. I love the arm around big brother, so precious. And tree decorating in underwear sounds fun! :D