Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Decking

I just love Christmas. I love it love it love it. I'm done with all the shopping, decorating, wrapping and now I'm ready to begin the cooking! Thought I would share a few more photos from around the house with you.
I didn't photoshop any of these photos so sorry for the quality. Its CHRISTMAS!


Funny... I bought these stockings a couple years back.. the little girl had blonde hair. I cut out some black felt and used a felt iron on glue to make a little Libbie doll!

I bought some upholstry ticking on Etsy. I thought I had enough for several bows... not so much. I barely made two.
I love Nutcrackers. I always put them out first. They make me smile.

No more waiting!!! She's home!

I didn't pull out all my vintage santas... they scare most of my friends and I wasn't sure how Libbie would react. We want her to like Santa!

I started collecting the Byers carolers a few years back, but I got tired of them. I just have a few. I'm all over the place with my collections. I need to stick with what I really love and that's vintage... always has been. Hoot told me the other day... He's a "collector" like me! Gotta love our collections

We made this little craft project last year as a family. We all worked on it and I like it!

i LOVE natvities too.. I've started a Chalkware set from e-bay, but I dont' have a complete set yet... maybe next year

excuse the roll of tape. not sure how I missed that! We've (me)been wrapping all hours of the night!

I stole this little arrangement idea from another very talented decorator friend!
I wired in some pretty heavy peices this year. Last year we bought a real tree and I couldn't get anything to stay on the branches. So this year we went HEAVY DUTY and I wired all sorts of treasures in the tree.

The leopard ribbon really makes my heart skip a beat. I could sit in the living room with my coffee and just look at the tree all day (literaly)

The annual gingerbread house... it looks the same every year. I think we need a new kit next year. We need to step it up!
Merry Christmas.


  1. It all looks SO SO beautiful. You clearly have a gift! I cannot wait to see it all in person:)

  2. Love your decor! Merry Christmas!

  3. Love, love, love your style and didn't know you had a thing for vintage. I do too!!