Friday, December 2, 2011

Successful Surgery

We're home! Thank you for all the prayers and e-mails of encouragement. something is not right with my blog. Many have told me they can't leave comments... not sure what the problem is, but I have had the same trouble trying to comment on other blogs as well. The surgery went just as planned. The staff at Shriners blew away our expectations. I can't not express just how amazing the people are! From the guard at the garage gate to the surgeons... they are truly an awesome team. We were treated like royalty the moment we arrived (5:00AM). We had a very sweet visit with a dear friend while Libbie was in surgery. I am not one that likes to make hospital visits and I hate to admit that. Her visit with us was so very special and blessed us beyond words. Stopping in to pray with a patient or loved one truly touches the heart. She also brought a DELICIOUS dinner later in the evening and we enjoyed another good visit. I am blessed. Thursday I was blessed again when two dear friends from church showed up and took Libbie for a walk in the wagon which allowed me to TAKE A SHOWER AND BRUSH MY TEETH!!! It's funny how dirty I felt just from sitting around. It was like a SPA experience to stand in the hospital bathroom and let the luke warm water trickle (literally) over me! I guess they don't want patients going crazy with a blast of hot water. (could be a safety hazard for sure) While we were there the hospital celebrated their annual Christmas Tree lighting and visit from Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Libbie was one of five other patients at the hospital the night of the celebrations. (most surgeries are out patient.) The staff escorted us down to meet Santa before the crowd lined up and she got to sit on his lap. Hoot didn't get to sit on his lap but afterwards one of Santa's helpers hand delivered a Lego set to him which made his day. He knew it had to be the real Santa because who else would know how he loved Legos?!? Libbie did great and is home recovering. She is a little trooper. The pain meds must be good because she is her spicy little self after less than 24 hours home... I'm soooo not sure how were going to keep her off her feet for 18 weeks~! I was feeling a Little discouraged about the road to recovery when my dad brought me back to reality with these words... "aren't you glad you don't have to go back to work on Monday and you can stay home with her?" YES I AM!! I can sure get ungrateful fast. I am so thankful that I can be with her 24/7. We are so very blessed.

She's pretty loopy here right before they took her back. Our docotr explained the procedure once again.
Lambert prayed with the team right before they went back. The last words the Doctor said to us before they went back was, "we will take care of her like she is our very own" Pretty comforting
As soon as she opened her eyes she asked for Daddy! and as soon as she saw him, she started crying. the nurse said she was very brave until she saw her daddy. i remember being strong when I was little until I saw my dad. The tears always flowed when I knew I could be weak because he was there and he would be strong. This melted my heart.

She chose the pink cast the day before surgery. I wanted her to pick red for the holidays... but she likes her pink!

She is such a trooper

Hoot helped push the wagon to the celebration

she hammed it up for the camera (never does this for mom)

The littl patient is home and yes EATING on the white couch! I've covered it in sheets and said a prayer! (it's in God's hands now:)


  1. So glad her surgery was a success and she's home!

  2. So glad to hear everything went well! I will pray God lets 18 weeks fly by for ya'll. She is so adorable!

  3. I am crying just reading this and looking at the photos. I LOVE Libbie (and your whole family). You KNOW we are praying for her during this recovery. She is such a strong lil monkey. Her spirit has inspired me so much!!!

  4. I was crying too when I read that about being brave till she saw her daddy. Glad it went well and that some friends and church members stopped by to be with you that has to be a wonderful blessing!

  5. I can't imagine the 18 weeks-praying they fly by for you!! Reading this, just made me think WHAT A BLESSING!!!