Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 25th!

Well... we've booked our flight. She's packed (almost I add stuff daily). Everything has been crossed off the list of things to buy except for Cheerios (everyone says pack them)and discs for our video camera. I'm sure we'll forget something, but we are counting down the days! Her room is filled to the brim with girly things. It's overflowing with wonderful gifts friends have dropped off. We haven't figured out how were going to communicate while were in China, but were working on it.I just learned that in First Class they offer BEDS for travelers!!! Who knew. I guess that's how the other half live! We had dinner with two lovely couples that have been there done that... One of the couples shared that little First class tip with us. Her boss paid for their round trip tickets to fly first class to meet their daughter. My boss didn't offer to pay for our tickets nor did Lambert's (he is the boss) so were in Coach... Lambert may re-think that when the "leg room" reality sets in. He may ask to upgrade HIS ticket to First Class and leave the rest of us in Coach! HA! He's got some long legs!

My friend just gave Libbie the doll house and the pink GRAND piano. She's going to be spoiled!


  1. Can't wait to follow along. Seeing her in your arms forever will just bless my heart!!! Babyjellybeans is a website where you manage it and you can access it from China. At least I was able to when we went.

  2. Love that little pink piano! You will be there and back with her before you know it!