Monday, February 7, 2011

Preacher Man or Highway Man...

We've decided Hoot is either going to pursue a career as a preacher, proclaiming the gospel with his every being or he's going to be a Highway Man... He can quote scripture and sing the hymns, but he likes a little country too. He's got a rowdy streak in him just like his momma. I've always wanted to be a rebel, and part of my soul truly is. One wouldn't know it by just looking at the cover. I drive a station wagon for goodness sake. I'm scared of most everything but, deep down way deep down, there is a honky tonk cowgirl that longs to break free. She keeps quiet most of the time, but when I get a hankering for a little Willie or some Cash she comes alive... Hoot's little ears usually only hear the sound of Christian music in the Bat Wagon, but sometimes when I'm feeling a little rebellious.. I crank up the 70's country. Hoot can call out any Willie song that comes across the radio as quickly as he can identify a Chris Tomlin or Toby Mac tune. He knows Cash and Dolly and likes a little Waylon too. Lambert and I watched Walk The Line this weekend and I must admit I was envious of June Carter. I loved Urban Cowboy too. I think it's something about the bad boys. In real life, I would never be attracted to a pill poppin musician or a mechanical bull rider, even though Bud had crazy dance skills. However, in my fantasy life, I am an urban cowgirl.


  1. This has to be your best post ever!!! Marc and I both are cracking up!!!! I am crying laughing!!!
    I love you!

  2. LOL!!! Girl, we are so similar it is a little freaky.
    I agree with Leslie, one of your best.
    Maybe our girls night out needs to be a honky tonk bar with some bull riding :)