Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Camera Bug!



I've got the new camera bug REALLY bad. I have been bitten by the photography bug and I can't shake it. I currently shoot with a Nikon D60 and have several lenses. (lambert has purchased all for me!) I'm really wanting to take a class this summer offered by Lisa at: There is so much to learn and I think I'm going to dive into Photo Shop for beginners... (if there is such a thing). I'm ready to get out of auto mode and kick it into manual... YIKES. After seeing the amazing photos Lisa and Marla captured of China, I am longing to invest in an upgrade! I tried Kim's camera (D700) from Three Peanuts this summer and loved it. I think it's the shutter speed that makes the difference... so with all that being said... has anyone ever sold a camera on e-bay? Or know of anyone looking for a D60 in excellent condition? I'll have to sell what I have before I take the big plunge.

Some Favorite Photos I took last year:


None of these photos have been edited. they are straight from the camera.

PS this is a winter project I worked on for my stepmom. she's a goat lover (owner) so I made this for her for Christmas... it was LATE because I couldn't get it right. But I love the way it turned out. I'm not an artist, but I really enjoyed breaking out the paint brushes. It was quite theraputic.
DSC_4302 No judging. I'm not an artist.


  1. Yes you did and I love it! I have it sitting in an easel on the desk upstairs :)

  2. I have sold my old cameras on Ebay and always have done really good! I will take the class with you!!! I need to take a photoshop class too!

  3. Hi! So glad you found me here from RQ. Must be frustrating to have password problems on there. Congrats on your TA! So excited to have another RQ buddy traveling at the same time. Your children are beautiful--can wait to meet them in China :) So glad you will be able to make Lucy's--it will be so fun to have people there for support. I see you are in to taking pictures. I am currently bugging my husband to by a SLR camera before we go to China........any suggestions on what a beginner should get (never used SLR) without spending a fortune???

  4. Shelly! I want a fancy camera! I'v actually thought about getting one of those for years. Let me know how much you want for it and I will seriously think about it.