Thursday, April 14, 2011


So I am looking for this dress.... I stumbled across it here...
and have searched for it desperatly. The dress is by the famous Kayce Hughes who is now one of my favorite childrens clothing designers. She creates precious traditional clothing for the little ones... and the mommies too. I first discovered her in the April edition of Country Living... I adored her little girls daybeds from Pottery Barn and found myslef hunting for the amazing DISCONTINUED Priscilla daybed... to no avail. I thought Lambert could "make" it for me... HA HA HA!!! Now I'm on a new rabbit trail trying to find this darling red ruffle dress in ANY size.... 2,3,4 heck I don't care if she can't wear until she is 21... I just NEED that dress. I actually thought I had ordered it on the KH website... but it was not in stock... if anyone knows where in the world I can find this dress.. I MIGHT pay a finders fee :) Can you say obsessive? I've serched the web ebay etc... no luck.


  1. Hello ........First let me tell you Libbie is so beautiful, and CONGRATS!!!!
    I am the proud Mom to one daughter from China, and we are currently working on another!!
    OKAY, I am a little bit obsessed with Kayce's clothing. My little girl has a closet full of it....because she runs GREAT sales. I collected several dresses while waiting to get our daughter.
    I actually have the dress you are looking for in a couple of different colors ...but not red. It is adorable. I have LOVED all of the clothes I've ordered from Pears and Bears, and I have my eye on a few more!
    I will definately be on the look out for you! You could even call the number on their website. I have several times, and actually spoken to Kayce! Who knows, she may have one "hiding" in her shop!
    Libbie would look adorable in anything!

  2. Oh I wish I could help you. It is darling!!! I am with Leanne. I think you should call.

  3. Not sure if this is the link you already tried, but it let me walk through the steps, (up until the purchase part where I stopped :)!!)so hopefully it works for you. Good luck.

    I will await my finders fee!! hahaha

  4. Have you tried calling the company? You never know ... someone might know of on in a dark corner or something. Or maybe one that was used in a photo shoot that never made it for sale?

  5. I recommend calling as well. There was a dress that I loved but couldn't seem to find. I called them and they wrote down my name and my request. 1 month later, they called me out of the blue to say that they had finally tracked one down!!! Such great customer service! :)

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