Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Weekend

We seem to stay pretty busy on the weekends. Friday night we had dinner with The Peanuts. sadly I didn't get any photos. We had such a great time visiting and EATING the most delicious meal, I didn't even think to take my camera out of the bag. The Peanuts made Oregano Shrimp (recipe here)served over pasta with a yummy spinach salad. Lambert didn't want to be rude and go for seconds so thankfully they sent us home with lots o'leftovers.... this is a MUST try recipe... Saturday we made smores in the backyard and played around at home. Today after church we took Hoot and The Doll to an Astros game. It was soooo much fun. They won!!! Were not big fans nor do we follow the Astros, but we have been very blessed to get great seats through my work and clients. Today we sat 8 rows up from 3rd base and Junction Jack came and flirted with the kiddos. He was too fast to catch a picture with the kids, but I did get one of his backside. We came home and crashed on the couch and then Lambert made us grilled chicken with roasted red potatoes. The kiddos are in bed, were finishing up the chores and Monday will be here in a few short hours. The weekends ZOOM by at our casa.

Isn't this nice?? Hoot is my dad... he HATES that I take so many photos... sometimes it's not worth making him smile. just capture the moment frowny face and all. We really had a good time and he was all smiles until I pulled out the camera.



  1. Too funny! Hoot's expression is priceless!

  2. We had so much fun with y'all! I took a few photos but only got one or two decent ones. i e-mails you one cute one of Doll.

    Astros games are fun once or twice a season;) My boys LOVE them actually. Hoot's face cracks me up! I think he is very spunky and we enjoyed him a bunch.