Saturday, April 30, 2011


Do you know I didn't get ONE photo of my kiddos in their Easter dress... I know.. bad mother. I told Hoot he was going to have put the pink shirt on one more time for me so that I could get some pics. they looked so stinkin adorable together. We had a wonderful morning. First things first.. Hoot was eager to get to his basket. Now the usual basket consists of 1.) one chocolate bunny 2.) a Pez dispenser of some Easter theme sort. 3.) usually Hot wheels 4.) tattoos (not of an Easter theme) He's always been pretty content with his basket... but this year... Lambert purchased a basketball goal. I know what you're thinking... I thought it too. Lambert coached an Upwards team this year and Hoot is all too excited to start basket ball in the Fall. Lambert didn't want to just give Hoot the goal just to give it to him and his birthday is a long way off so he decided the goal would make a fine Easter present... This is wrong on many levels... One... how did the bunny get it here? It took 4 hours to assemble the night before so there is NO way the bunny could have hopped all the way here with the goal in his basket. Secondly.... this creates a standard for future Easter presents from the bunny.. and we have a second child now that will expect something comparable to Hoots extravagant gifts.

So here is the goal in all it's glory!


This is Hoots face when he realized what the bunny delivered was not in his basket and was in fact set up in our drive way. he had NO idea
IT was prety awesome

The Doll... for her this Easter was all about the chocolate... she could have cared less about the bunnies, the games, the confetti or the story of our risen savior.. just give her the chocolate. She is still searching our house and the neighbor's houses for chocolate filled eggs every time we go outdoors.


She sat and atempted to open EVERY peice of chocolate she discovred in her eggs.
My two funny bunnies.

I'm way behind on the posts! We had a beautiful Easter and a great week. I have much to catch up on! More to come soon!

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  1. Maybe the Easter bunny left instructions on how to get some major "hops" on the court! :) Libbie is just blossoming with each new post! Love to see that personality unfold! What a beauty!!