Monday, May 16, 2011

Bad Blogger

I got nothin... I do have the crud. I started feeling bad yesterday evening and by late last night had fever,chills sore throat and runny nose. I felt terrible all day today and did absolutely nothing but lay on the couch. It's hard to be at home and not get things done. I have ZERO energy. We have family coming on Thursday and were really looking forward to it. However, if I don't get feeling better, they won't have fresh sheets on their beds! Well... I'll have Lambert do the chores for me! (hope you're reading this Lambert) We've been crazy busy with all the end of school year fun stuff. Hoot is beyond ready for summer. I can tell he has summer fever. He wants to stay up later and can't seem to wake up in the mornings. The weather has been beautiful and we've enjoyed the past few weeks outdoors. Libbie has mastered the skill of driving Hoots Jeff Gordon's race car around the driveway. She is SOOOO proud of herself. She can finally steer and push the gas pedal simultaneously. I think she feels so free when she's driving. She's very intense and takes it very seriously.


Hoot is loving his basketball goal and plays almost every evening.
He's about as athletic as his mamma!
I've tried a couple new recipes and have a tomato garden growing! I really need to find a method for keeping STRAY cats out of our yard. I purchased some spray at Home Depot and almost gagged applying it around our yard only to find three cats lurking when I came out an hour later. I don't want to hurt them, but I can't stand having cat poop in my flower beds. They also get in our garage and spray if we leave the door open for any amount of time. We've had to purchase two new car seats due to these pests! Sorry cat lovers, they stink.

Dixie LOVES Libbie, but she always seems to knock her down. Libbie isn't afraid of Dixie at all, but she's constantly mad at her for making her fall. She's shouts, "No No Dixie bad gul (girl). Go in Kunnnel (kennel)


I think Libbie usually has food on her face so Dixie enjoys licking her. She just yells at her to Stop dat!!
Hoot is an amazing big brother. I sooo love hearing the two laugh with each other and bicker with one another. Libbie has already learned how to tattle (even though it's in Cantonese, we know she's tattleing) She's pretty bossy too. I guess it just comes natural for us!


  1. I love that life is settling in for you guys, even though you are sick! Feel better soon! {Love the pics of hr in the car!}

  2. ick..stray cats! Libbie looks so super cute in her shades - but Jeff Gordon...come on....a Kevin Harvick car would complete her outfit much nicer ;)

  3. Hope you feel better fast. Richard and I were both sick yesterday with a stomach bug. Seems that something is going around his campus. Not fun at all!! There should be some kind of natural law that both parents cannot be sick at the same time!
    Love the pics of Libbie driving!! And thanks for letting Matt hang out Sunday night, he loves playing with Hoot.

  4. I hope you feel better....I have it too...sore throat, aches and zero energy and we have family coming too. Can't wait to see y'all Sat.

    LOVE Libbie driving the race car. She obviously loves the thrill:)

  5. Oh the "crud" had made a stop at our house a week or so ago! It walloped my baby girl! Hope you are feeling better!!

    I just love the pics of ROADSTER LIBBIE! That baby girl is enjoying herself I see!! You gotta frame the second picture! I love it!!

    I also love the one of her her and Dixie! Hoot looks "pleased as punch" that its "Libbie" getting all the doggy licks instead of him!! Too cute!! Is Dixie a schnauzer?

    Oh yeah, by the way....I heard several tactics to keep cats out of your flower bed that includes sticking plastic forks down in the soil (tines) facing upward, or even popsicle sticks sticking up slightly from the soil! This is sort of a deterrent since cats love to dig and cover up "things". Plus it's gotta be annoying to getting poked by fork tines!! Also their is a plant called "rue" that my mom use to plant in her flower bed, it produces a little batches of flowers that cats "hates"!

  6. Libbie looks so very happy! And, she's so very cute. You can tell that she is coming into her own in her forever family and that she's a little girl with mega confidence now ~love it!