Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Last year I purchased two plants to bring home from our Indiana trip. I was certain they were DEAD after the last mini freeze we had here in the South. I love Hosta and I love love love Hydrangea. I dragged my mother in law and step mother to nursery after nursery looking for a SPECIFIC type of hydrangea. They are the most beautiful shade of green and have the fullest blooms you've ever seen. I saw a garden full of them when we first arrived and the obsessive search was on.
DSC_3171 You don't see blooms like this in our neck of the woods.


But look whats in my flower bed this year!!!

We finally found them the day before we left and My mother in law and I each carried one back to Texas. I carefully planted fertilized and watered hoping it would survive in our zone. (i'm not a gardener by any means) A couple of weeks ago I noticed little leaves!!! My Hosta came back too. I'm putting in an order for more Hosta when my step mom comes later this month. I have the perfect spot for them. We've been spending a lot of time outdoors and we even planted a small (tiny) vegetable garden. I can't wait for tomatoes. We're enjoying the beautiful weather that will surely be long gone in just a few short weeks. I'll be complaining of the heat and the mosquitoes before you know it!


  1. Love your hosta...we used to have hosta but the deer would always eat them so we gave up on planting them when we moved into this house...but Hydrangea..we have and I love them...they are such a happy flower...and they can live in my yard without any fuss from me, I am a non-green thumb.

  2. Your hosta looks amazing! I love the heart shaped leaves and color. Our hostas are not that exciting looking.

  3. FYI, hydrangea really like to be wet. I even had a underground sprinkler head installed right by my hydrangea bush (the same variety you have) and the bush is HUGE! You can put different additives in the soil to force the blooms to turn blue or pink, but in my soil they bloom white and then change to green. Emjou!

  4. Wow.....your dad and I were just wondering the other day if your hydrangea lived! Mine is coming out to, I am so excited to see what it does!

  5. Oh they are beautiful...can I put in an order for hydrangeas???? Is there someway to buy them and have them shipped??? What variety are they?


  6. Beautiful! I have always wanted a yard full of hydrangeas, but thought it would be too hot in Texas!

  7. Well "Hosta" you like that!! Those are truly beautiful! Your "greenthumb" surely could fool me! Those plants are "HOTEL" pretty!! I would kill an artificial plant! Yep...I'm that horrible!

  8. Beautiful! What type of hydrangea plants do you have. I would love to have some like yours.

  9. I think your Hosta can be dug up and divided and lilies. They come from bulbs...right? I covet your Hydrangeas. I moved from Austin to NW Pennsylvania 13 years agp and I obviously left my green thumb at my last address! My lone surviving plant is a basil plant, affectional known as "Basil" had to be relocated to my kitchen window as he was being eaten alive by something. Basil has saved us literally several hundreds of dollars over the last several years! Fresh herbs are expensive!