Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Sometimes I am amazed at the kindness I have experienced from fellow bloggers. I have met (not really met) so many wonderful women through this blog. When I began the blog my intentions were just to journal and connect with other moms on the adoption roller coaster. I have formed wonderful friendships both with women I really have met (in person) and those I've only conversed with through the blog. I love that I feel a kindred spirit with so many of you. You have encouraged me when I needed it most and inspired me to do more with my life. When I'm feeling overwhelmed it never fails I come across another woman that has more on her plate than I can imagine and juggles it all with such grace. There are a few blogs that I have followed for years and continue to read today. One friend calls it "blog crack" you get an introduction to one innocent blog post... it's just the gateway to all the others... before you know it you've been on the blog crack for three hours, dinners burnt you can't find the kids and you've lost track of where it all started. I've cried with these women, celebrated with them and literally laughed out loud. Four years ago I didn't know what a blog was... I think I googled china adoption moms Houston.... there it was... Three Peanuts... http://3peanuts.blogspot.com/ I still follow this blog today and love this family. Through Three Peanuts I discovered Lucy.... http://ourlittlechinagirl.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2008-08-28T15%3A36%3A00-07%3A00&max-results=50I was smitten by both Kate and Lucy. They are both just precious and have such sweet personalities. I could not wait to meet Libbie and experience all that comes with being a mommy to a little girl.

This week I was BLOWN away by a package we received in the mail. I've read this family's blog for about three years now and have been so entertained (truly entertained) by this kiddo. When Libbie came home... she was entertained too. We spent HOURS sitting at our PC watching Lucy OVER AND OVER again and again. Libbie's first words home were, Lucy... gin.. (again). As soon as I would stop the videos or say it was time to move on the crying (whaling) commenced. We enjoyed Lucy's videos before Libbie came home, but we had no idea just how much we would appreciate Lucy until after Libbie arrived. I remember a photo of Lucy when she first came home and I actually saved the photo in my inspiration file...

Is she not the cutest?!?!?!?! I just want to pinch those cheeks!

I planned on having a seersucker dress made for Libbie and taking it to have a little L monogrammed on it... you can't imagine how big and disorganized my inspiration file is... well needless to say, I lost the photo and never had the dress made. I guess it was meant to be... guess what was in the package?? I sure can drag out a short story... My point is... how precious you sweet blogger friends are to me.


I (WE) want to thank Lucy and Dawn for passing along this precious little dress to Libbie. She tried it on this weekend, but it's still a tiny bit big... we'll post photos of her in it soon! PS I have much to catch up on... we've had a great visit from the Indiana grandparents, kinder graduation, piano recital and lots of Memorial Day celebrating going on! I am over my head and WAY behind!


  1. Oh you are so sweet! I was so happy to pass this dress on to your sweet Libbie!! I CANNOT believe you had that picture in your inspiration file...oh this was SO meant to be! I knew I was meant to hold on to it, for someone very special :) Lucy and I hope to one day meet you, Libbie, Kim and Kate...oh what fun we would have!! xoxo

  2. How sweet and yes, Lucy is just adorable, and our Libbie is adorable.....it's amazing how some of our most special friends we meet through cyber world! In just a few days of being with Libbie, she was able to weave herself right into our hearts right beside her brother.....Papa thinks Wawa is the greatest! We are so proud of all our g-babies!

  3. Blog friendships are the best! So happy to hear that you have found true support from your blog buddies. I know I am happy to count you as one of mine!

  4. So precious!
    Love it!
    Our son was adopted from China with Clubfoot and we also found out he has Arthrogryposis. If you ever want to talk email me at bahollow111@hotmail.com

  5. I LOVE that dress. It was SO thoughtful of Dawn and Lucy to send it to you. I bought it for Kate years ago too and it has her 3 letter monogram so unfortunately I don't have anyone to pass it along too.

    There are so many lovely bloggy people out there:)

  6. I just love seersucker!! That dress is just too precious! Makes me wanna go get my girls dress monogrammed!! In fact, my sweetgirl is sporting a seersucker pastel dress (pink*blue*yellow) today with the seersucker tennis shoes in (like colors) to match!! I found the tennis shoes @ Kohls! Just in case your interested!