Saturday, July 2, 2011

House Happenings

The house is a wreck. We have been a busy little family. We've been swimming daily, beaching on the weekends, movie watching in the evenings and enjoying friends often! With that said, there is laundry everywhere, mail that needs to be sorted, and dust bunnies in almost every corner of the casa! and.... Dixie (our scottie) stinks,no matter how many baths she gets! But... we're having lots of fun and making the most of our summer. Happy Fourth because I'm sure I won't post again before then. I am so thankful for our freedom and those that gave all to make it happen!

Doesn't every family have a huge tent in the family room for the summer?

These two make me happy!!! No matter how much they trash our house!

Notice how the Doll still has her hospital id bracelet on... she won't let me take it off. it's jewelry :)


  1. love the brother/sister cuddles going on in your pics!

  2. Love hoot in his Calvin skivvys

  3. Of course everyone has a tent in the family room! We had one in the kitchen too! Carleigh and Luke "camped out" in them last week! :) Glad to hear you're having such a good summer. We need to get together. Tell me more about beachin it on the weekend??

  4. Oh my goodness, The Doll and Hoot are just precious! Happy 4th!

  5. Cute pics! Matt said "Man! I wish I was there! Why don't we have a tent?!" Glad ya'll are having such a blast. We should get a group to go to the beach soon.