Monday, July 4, 2011

Indiana Training

Our Galveston 4th of July plans were abruptly cancelled so we had to act quick and come up with plans to entertain two hot whiny kids after church Sunday afternoon. We came home and started surfing the web for nearby attractions... We knew we wouldn't be able to book a hotel in Galveston due to the masses of people ascending on the island. So... we looked North. We'll never go back to La Tour "ghetto" in Conroe so we kept searching. We came across The Woodlands Resort, booked it, packed up two kids and headed out at 3:00 in the afternoon. We arrived, sun protected the littles and made our way to the pool! We knew if we forgot something, there was a target nearby. (and yes we did have to go... diapers... kinda need those) We have a new favorite resort! We stayed in a little bungalow on the pond and it felt like we were at camp. WONDERFUL! The grounds were well maintained and the room was very clean. I can't wait to go back. It's a great place to get away and it's only an hour away from home. We had a great 4th of July minus the fireworks... which suits me just fine. I can take them or leave them.

Now to the corn... Indiana has the best sweet corn in all the world (no exaggeration)My family LOVES sweet corn... When it's sweet corn season sometimes my grandfather makes it a meal... he can put away the corn. REALLY. When I'm there I can't get enough of it. We smother it in butter and salt and grind away sometimes a dozen or so ears... (also no exaggeration). I was very disappointed that my spouse did not appreciate the sweet corn. How could anyone, especially someone I married, not get Indiana sweet corn. I was truly a little offended and consider this a character flaw. Then, my sweet Hoot comes along and I just know he will get the corn gene from the Trum family... He did not. So every summer, I gnaw away at this fine delicacy alone. The butter runs down my face and it's true gluttony. Gluttony is not nearly as fun alone as it is with a partner... Today, I met my partner. We stopped for bbq on the way home from the Woodlands and I ordered an ear of corn... lets just say, I did not have the opportunity to enjoy it because The Doll beat me to it. Look at Papa... I have a new partner! We won't make our Indiana trip during the season so Great Grandma and Granna will need to start packing it away for us!



Pure Joy... Were having watermellon for dinner!
4th of July photos to come!


  1. OK.. I am laughing so hard here. Dave and I have had a 15 year long debate over whether Ohio (him) or New Jersey/PA (Me) has the best sweet corn. We ALL kNOW TX corn is AWFUL!!!! Every single year we "bicker" back and forth over who has the best corn as we gnaw away on the feed corn they sell down here.

    You are so lucky they brought you Indiana corn..although isn't it early? We have not have Northern corn in years. I LOVE that Libbie enjoyed. Next time we will head to the Woodlands with y'all:) So glad you liked it.

  2. my farmer hubs & I think Illinois has the best sweet corn ;) Can't wait til it's ready! nothing better than sweet corn & garden tomatoes for dinner!! Your sweet girl is too cute with that ear of goodness!

  3. Kathryn loves, loves sweet corn. She would make it a meal if I would let her.

  4. Shafer's Produce outside of Findlay, OHIO has the best white sweet corn known to man (and woman)kind. No one really refutes this as fact.

    I imagine Indiana might be a close second to Ohio sweet corn given the similar soil, climate, and butter-on-the-chin appreciation. I spent a year in Indiana and don't recall it being as good as NW OHIO corn, but I'll give you a fair second place without arguing.

  5. Just had some early sweet corn this week with some of the kids home, not the best to papa and I, but everyone else raved over it......since they are only use to Texas corn. Being that we are a hop, skip and jump from Findlay, Ohio we can probably give them a run for their money....we could have a Sweet Corn!

  6. Yeah, you should block that crusher dude's comments:) ANd I love Niece's idea. I think maybe there ought to be a showdown:)

    Oh and sorry my comment has typos and is missing words and poor grammar. Clearly, I had not had my coffee yet!

  7. I can see it week some Hoosier corn, next week some Buckeye corn sent down. Burger on the grill for the side dish. I think Niece has it right.

    Maybe the Baby Daddy will come to appreciate our fine palette for upper midwest corn after two delectable feasts. Your little L and my big W can appreciate the corn at our table, Hoots Mamma.
    Glad I'm not blocked (yet)!

  8. Nebraska sweet corn is the best...the corn husker state! What a darling post!