Monday, February 6, 2012

Creative Energy

I might have a touch of spring fever. We haven't had a winter to speak of here in Houston, which isn't unusual. I've felt a little couped up and haven't been able to put my finger on it, until... yesterday. My friend over at 3 Peanuts hit the nail on the head. I'm ready for change. Lambert and I have been married 14 years and we have lived in 5 different houses in those years. We built a house, purchased another house and re- modeled and then moved again to our current house to do the same. It's been 5 years and I feel that urge to re-do. We're much like a gypsy family. The housing market in Houston, much like the rest of the country is in the ditch. There are homes in our very small neighborhood that have been listed for 2+ years... I absolutely love our home and could live here forever. It's the perfect size for us. It was built in 1949 and it has sooo much character. However, we are on the opposite side of town from EVERYTHING. We live in a smallish suburb so it's not a long drive to get places, it's just not convenient. (I'm not whining either). I've shared before that I would love to pack up and move to Indiana (TODAY). I have longed to live on a small piece of farm land in an old farm house and watch my kiddos romp under the big shade trees and get lost in the corn fields. It doesn't help that my parents retired there about 8 years ago. Izzy's acres I look at REALTOR.COM daily... (this also doesn't help all my nervous move energy). I love houses. I love to look at house magazines and I love stalking HAR just to see the interiors of local homes on the market. I inherited this passion from my Grandma Sally. She introduced me to my first decor ting magazine in 1997. I still have the magazine. i haven't put them down since. I love architecture and landscaping. My favorites are the kitchen and bathroom. I pour over details. I'm so thankful for the internet. Sometimes you can't see details in the magazines. I love that I can blow up a photo from the web and see every detail. Kim posted some photos yesterday from Houzz and I immediately went to the designer's webpage to see more. I am smitten with this home. If was ever to have an affair... I would be just like Bunny Williams... it would be with a house. image15big 163114817723576414_Wi2Qj15u_c I love the sink in this kitchen. It's a salvage find... even better! image13big image8big My dad created a similar bathroom for my step mom... he could so build this for me. Lambert bought an old clawfoot tub years ago. It's been re-finished and is just waiting for me to use it. image18big image23big


  1. hey friend...I've been feeling blue too. Cried a lot last week and had to remind myself to snap out of it as my woes were nothing in the big scheme of life. Let's talk soon. I love that house too.

  2. OOOH! I love it too! We are from the same stock. I love to do all the things you mentioned above as well!