Friday, February 24, 2012

Under ansthesia in the morning... racing in the afternoon

Libs had her pins removed and casts changed Wednesday morning.... she is usually a happy little patient, but not this time. We're not sure what happened, but the child turned CRAZY on us. She was combative and angry before she went back to have her pins removed and she was the same way when she came out and hour later!!! We have never witnessed anything like it. We wondered where our girl went and more importantly when she would return. It took about an hour before the angry drug wore off and she was back to herself. Once it wore off she was READY to shop for those red shoes she has talked about for the last month. She watched the movie Matilda and fell head over heels for red shoes. Around that same time she saw that her big girl friend Miss Kate also had a pair of red shoes... it was her mission to find those shoes. We promised her that when she had her cast removed we would go shoe shopping and find some red shoes. This proved to be a difficult task... we searched high and low for red shoes that would fir her new AFO.. The AFO is much slimmer than her last pair, but it is still difficult to find shoes that are deep enough to accommodate the brace. Mary Janes are hard because the straps don't reach far enough across over the brace to be secured properly. We found one pair of ITALIAN shoes that worked (we were told these were great with AFO's) but they weren't available in red. We ended up with a cute pair of pink Converse... she loved them and we came home and ordered the red mary janes from Zappos. they should arrive in a few days. Best of all they were on sale!!@!@ So, we returned home around 3:00 and after a very short nap she was ready to head outdoors. The weather has been warm the last few days so we took full advantage of it. She was in her Nascar and off to the races. She is using her walker to get reacquainted with walking. Her little muscles are very weak so she is learning to walk all over again. With her strong will and determination I'm sure it won't take long and she will ditch the yellow walker and be back to her normal self! Just before the angry meds kicked in DSC_9884 DSC_9929 DSC_9931 She's back!!! One year ago tomorrow we boarded a plane to head to China@!!! Hard to beleive it's been a year! What an amazing year it's been. We have been so very blessed.


  1. So sorry to hear that Libbie had such a tough time in the morning. Her smile in the afternoon, though, is just darling.

  2. That is a bummer that the meds made her angry. She sure seemed happy when I saw her a few hours later:) We have seen that with our kids from time to to time. It is scary. I cannot wait for he rot get her red shoes. With Zappos, they should be here very quickly! You better post a photo straight away!

    1. She is just too precious for words!! Sorry to hear she had such a tough time w/the meds. Congrats on the 1st year anniversary! Still can't believe it's been a year already!