Saturday, May 26, 2012

This post is going to be all over the place... kinda like my life right now:) i was supposed to have a morning photo session with my next door neighbor but it had to be re-scheduled so I decided to take advantage of the time and shoot my kiddos (which they love) brag session: Hoot is not the most atheletic kiddo, just like his momma... He had field day at school earlier this week and he dreaded it. He asked me the night before what I would think if he came in "dead last" in every event. I told him it didn't matter and that it was just a fun day. So the morning of field day Lambert dropped him off and Hoot said he had a tummy ache and needed to go back home... later that morning he had a melt down after he placed last in the 50 meter relay... I told him that Lamberts didn't quit... we particpate and finish no matter what.. I want my kids to be finishers not quitters. I must confess I too often am a quitter. I want them to be better than me. So.. he finished and placed thrid in one event. He was thrilled until an older school mate informed him that third was really last :( kids are harsh sometimes. Field Day was a tough day for little Hoot. We had great conversations that evening about not being the best at everything and how God made everyone of us unique. Some of us are great at math and some are athletes. We stressed that God made him special... so the next day.... Was The School Spelling Bee. Hoot is a great speller. God made him that way. It comes easy to him. I told Hoot that morning to put on his game face and go in there and be the speller that he is! Parents were not invited to the competition this year. I guess were a distraction. I was anxious all day. Nanna picked him up that afternoon. I called as soon as I knew he would be in the car to find out how he did. She said she would let him tell me and she put him on the phone. "Mom, I won the spelling bee!" he said happily. I was so proud of him. I knew we would have another disussion later that evening about God's perfect design. It was such a teachable lesson. This was the last week of school for Hoot so the awards ceremony came on Friday. I knew Hoot would be announced as the First Grade Spelling Bee winner and A Honor roll student for the year. We were there aremed with cameras and video. I wasn't prepared for the award he received. Each class elected a "most Christ like student" and in First grade Hoot was chosen for this award. My heart swelled. I should have been armed with tissue! Of all the awards he could have he received this is the most important to me and Lambert. We don't care if he is an athelet or a great speller. Those things are all great but in the grand scheme of things, we want our children to be Christ like. For his classmates to see Christ in him is just such a sweet sweet treasue that brings us so much joy! We are so proud of him. He is a great son, brother and friend. We love you Hootster! DSC_2017 On another note. I have been shooting families and seniors and babies and weddings and you name it lately. I'm posting a few favorites. DSC_2087 DSC_2083 DSC_2084 DSC_2048 I dropped my 50mm 1.4 lens this week and it's not taking crisp photos... might be an excuse to UPGRADE... hello 50mm 1.2 :) DSC_9564 DSC_9549wm DSC_5988wm This was the most beautiful family ever... look at those eyes! DSC_5898wm DSC_5848

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  1. You rock Hoot-ster!!!! Papa and Granna are soooooo very proud of you!!!!! We love you and Libbie very much.....hope we get to see you soon!!!!!!
    Love, Granna