Thursday, May 31, 2012


I never imagined in a million years I would photograph a wedding... the PRESSURE! However it was so much fun. I love weddings and often thought how fun it would be to work at a professional wedding planner... never going to happen. I would be a great wedding crasher. I just love weddings. I love the invitations, the flowers, the cake and all the little details. It's in the details! A sweet friend asked me to shoot her son's wedding a few months back. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. It was a very casual wedding held at a nearby marina/event center.... the wedding was mid day in FULL sun... not the ideal lighting situation. I had a few (a lot) photos that were really blown out, but I did get some great shots. Lambert was my un-paid trusty assistant (he bossed me around the whole evening.) We really make a great team. He has a very good eye for composition and helped me achieve some great shots. So we shot the wedding, all was good and here are a few teasers! Lets start with the cake... This is just the topper. She wasn't finished dressing it but I snatched this shot. She finished it with beautiful butterflies. I wanted to re-do my wedding so I could have this cake. The mother of the groom actually did this herself... she is a cake artist. The cake was a creamy pearl white fondant with no frills... just classic. then they had a huge cupcake stand with plain white cupcakes dressed with pearl swirled icing. BEAUTIFUL!!! DSC_0041wm Then there was this little guy... so cute I could have taken him home with me. He would fit right in with my littles. DSC_0246wm It was a military wedding. DSC_0470wm Don't they look like babies? When did I get old? DSC_1156wm DSC_1184wm I haven't edited this photo yet, but I love it. She is the grandmother of the the groom and she flew in from Las Vegas. I really wanted to sit down and visit wit her. I bet she has some stories to tell! DSC_0271


  1. I love, love the ones of their feet and I have never seen one like it for a wedding! I like the one of the grandmother too.

  2. WOW! Great job Shelly!! (and trusty boss ha ha)