Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cararra Marble

I did it! I finally switched out my granite for cararra marble on my kitchen island. I have a very small kitchen with a very large island. I designed it so I can't complain. I admit I was a little over zealous with the measurements of this massive island. At the time I loved black granite with antique white cabinetry. However, I wanted the island to look like a piece of furniture so I painted it a very dark chocolate brown. We have saltillo Mexican brick tiles which are also very dark. After it all came together my kitchen looked like a cave. When we first bought the house I even had black wall paper. It was beautiful but after a short short time, I realized I had a made a serious design faux pas. From the mouth of the famous Van Day Truex, "A kitchen should be white" taken from Bunny Williams, An Affair With A House. I knew it would be a LONG time before I was able to start making any changes to the kitchen we had just completelt gutted. After about 4 years, I stripped the wallpaper and painted it a beautiful SW Antique White. One can't go wrong with Antique White. I've never liked stark white or brilliant white for me. I love it in other homes, but it just doesn't feel right when I try it for myself. So we painted... I still wasn't happy. The kitchen still seemed too dark. I always seem to happen upon good things and I recently scored a slab of cararra marble for very reasonable. I just had to find a fabricator that would install it for me. This proved to be more difficult than I had imagined. Well.. today is the day my friends!! It's here and they are installing now. Next I will have the base painted Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray similar to this... (well I can't paste it) It was in Southern Living several months back. i'll work on it! Before: DSC_3449 During: DSC_3453 This is what my kids looked like during: DSC_3446 DSC_3531 DSC_3535 I'll leave you with this from a friend... you'll curse me once you try it. it's so good you could drink it! serve with warm corn tortillas or tortilla chips! YUM 376446_3677712898743_1461701209_n I'll show the whole kitchen once the island is painted. The white top has made a huge difference but I think the lighter color on the island will really do the trick!


  1. LOVE your marble girl!!!!!

    I cannot believe you have posted like 3 times this week!!!! I am so happy.

    Can't wait to try that sinful jalepeno ranch dip!! My thighs will thank you I'm sure.

    LOVE Lambert's new bike. And good job on your running!!!

  2. Love it... can't wait to see the finished project. Love the photo of your kids sitting in the window. My youngest son wears that same outfit that your son wears quite a bit, in fact, he is sitting by me on the couch now wearing that same 'look'! ;)

  3. Love the marble! You are very brave....I am way too chicken to put marble in my kitchen but do really love how it looks.
    Can't wait to see the island painted. Will you do it yourself or will you hire someone? I am teetering back and forth whether to paint my cabinets myself.

  4. Love the island! I am building a house and wanting to use marble in my whole is your island holding up?? I am worried about scratching and etching... :( should i do it anyway??? :)