Monday, July 16, 2012

Every Day Were Shuffling

We just got home from our summer vacation to the farm a/k/a Heaven on Earth... Here's a run down of our visit: 4 days traveling.... swinging, shopping, swimming, fishing, county fairing, antiquing, auctioning, gun fighting, lounging, dog loving, fire cracking, no sweet corn eating:( paddle boat riding, pig kissing, fish kissing, gator riding (john deere), veggie picking, ferris wheel riding, 40th birthday celebrating (not me:) FUN FILLED FARM LIVING and did I mention TRAVELING? Libbie loved her first trip to the farm. The Trum's are probably still exhausted and recovering. We had a blast as always. just hate that its so short. We drove to Sikeston Missouri the first day, ate dinner at Lambert's Cafe and spent the night. We arrived the next day and hit it full steam... Lambert's Cafe Home of the Throwed Rolls DSC_3562 Let the swinging begin... we could have done just this and the kiddos would have been totally satisfied DSC_3612 DSC_3613 DSC_3676 DSC_3646 DSC_3699 DSC_3687 Granna scored these awesome transformer helmets.. they were a hit.. so much so we "HAD" to bring them home:) thanks Granna DSC_3701 Hoot is obessessed with the word.."Hillbilly" not sure where he heard it, but he wants to be one.. really bad DSC_3710 The newest addition to the farm family, Buddy DSC_3684 DSC_3737 Libbie loved the fair So much so she kissed this pig right on that dirty snout DSC_3768 He snorted all over her... see any resemblence here? We cracked up! DSC_3766 DSC_3790 Isn't this the sweetest... They looked right into each others eyes. DSC_3794 Hoots favorite part of the fair was meeting a REAL LIFE ARMY SOLDIER. He was puffed up with pride all night. the soldier gave him an Army laniard to wear and he wore it proudly. DSC_3808 It made me proud too. Then we rode some rides DSC_3811 DSC_3844 DSC_3827 DSC_3880 DSC_3888 This was taken from the ferris wheel cart at the very top DSC_3894 I was a little nervous... heights!! and played some games... DSC_3818 and ate fair food... DSC_3883 we did not eat this, but I thought it was hilarious. I've never seen a "oriental" trailer at a county fair before DSC_3886 We got up early the next morning and hit Shippshewanna (i know I mispelled this) this was the best amish ran bakery and deli ever... YUMMY DSC_3903 DSC_3901 it was soooo good we went back for lunch on the way home DSC_3900 The Trum's took us to an amazing auction. we bid right against the amish folk. it was so much fun DSC_3920 and the treasures were out of this world. the prices were incredible. I wish we would have brought a trailer DSC_3919 DSC_3918 I sooooo wanted to bring this home! not sure what it went for, but I can tell you it would sell for 3 times what the person paid for it! I could not beleive what great stuff was there! DSC_3917 Do you know what these sell for?? Then we headed back to paradise DSC_3969 to swing in the breeze I HATE cats... but this was a sweet cat.. She made her way to the farm a few years back. she was in pretty bad shape... her name is Lucky... and boy is she ever. DSC_3999 This zuchinni is straight from Granna's garden... no pesticides, no 18 wheeler fumes.. just pure goodness DSC_4018 and that's farmer trum... my dad.... We stopped at Boomtown on the way up and bought the good sparkerlers.. they are outlawed in Texas.. but they were pleanty in Boomtown DSC_4040 I'm taking a photography class right now and attempted a photo session with The Doll. It was a complete disaster. She was totally NOT interested and completely distracted with the tire swing right in her view. We took a few shots, got her out of the heirloom gown and she got back to her swing... DSC_4127 This child is FEARLESS. She will ride anything, do anything and attempt EVERYTHING. She hopped right on the tire swing and we never could push her high enough or fast enough. The kids slept almost the whole first day of the car ride back... DSC_4133 I think it caught up to me today. I had a ton of unpacking and putting away to do yesterday. My grandmother passed on some family treasures that I adore. So I've had to rearrange and make room for LOTS of wonderful herilooms. I'll share those soon. The pictures tell a pretty great story, but I can't express how much I love the farm and the family in Indiana. Maybe someday... we'll call Indian home! A girl can dream. I don't know why the wording is wrapped around my photos all crazy and not spaced the way I layed it out in the draft.. Maybe my friend Kim,,, the real blogger can help me when she gets home from her summer "happy place"


  1. I LOVE all the photos. Looks like so much fun. I am tired just looking at all you did. It is obvious that y'all have a BLAST there but really...moving there???? I don't think so! We'd miss y'all WAY too much!!!

    I cannot believe Libbie kissed that PIG! UGH!

    I laughed at Hoot's obsession with the word hillbilly. Will used to say "hobo" all the time. He was obsessed with hobos!

    I will for sure teach you how to fix the words/photos when we get home.

  2. Those night shots are awesome! Looks like y'all had a blast!

  3. Oh wow, what a great time you all must have had and these photos are just great! I love the swing ones especially and also the carnival one! I had to laugh about Hillbilly....did you tell him he could be one?! lol Okay, I'm guessing that Amish man didn't know you were taking a picture....or he knew and wasn't happy?!:)
    Love Libbie's pink nail polish too!:)