Monday, January 6, 2014

Faith in 2014


I hem-hawed around for most of October going back and forth over weather or not I should attend this workshop... It's a BIG step for me. I don't like doing most anything (new/social) alone... I like to have a buffer friend (preferably Lambert) with me for backup conversation. He is most definitely my security blanket. I can give him the look and he knows to step in. He is a great conversationalist and can talk about most anything. I get nervous at the slightest of awkward silences...I don't like small talk or chit chat. I'm a huge nervous talker... like I forget how old I am or what year I was born or when I graduated or how long I've been married... when I meet strangers. Now I love to shop alone, antique alone, and even dine alone on a good day. But walking into a room full of strangers (women) solo scares me to death. I go back to junior high and relive the mean girls in the locker room. (cringe) I have never been the social girl. I have girlfriends and I enjoy spending time with friends and entertaining but I would not consider myself a social southern belle.

I know I'm at a place that I need to step up my photography game if I am going to truly purse anything professionally. So I started thinking about continuing education. I need help with composition and techniques that I can't seem to master solo. I want to improve my newborn skills and learn more about lighting and lenses. I've taken several online courses from this amazingly talented photographer/teacher and I I know I will benefit immensely from her workshop.I love her style and personality so it seems like a good fit. So I finally did it. I hit the "Add to Cart" button... and then immediately had buyers remorse. I didn't even speak of it (even to Lambert) until December... I could still back out but now I'm at the scheduling travel arrangements stage. after this step... it would be crazy to back out.

I'm excited and nervous all in the same breath. I know I will be fine and once I'm there I will have a ball... I'm committed to stepping out in faith in 2014.

If you are interested in learning ANYTHING about photography or your camera, I highly recommend Lisa's courses. You will be impressed I'm certain. Check her out here: Lisa


  1. So proud of you girl!!! I know you will love every second of this!!!! You will soar!