Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Crud

This wishy washy weather has my baby boy under the weather. I'm thankful it's not the Flu but it still stinks. Made a trip to the doctor today... Bronchitis :( We're stocked up on over the counter meds and vitamins and we picked up a Zpac today. I've loaded him up with vitamin C and even made him fresh squeezed orange slushy to soothe his throat. He went through a box of tissue a roll of paper towels and resorted to his very own personal roll of toilet paper before the day was over. He filled a Target shopping bag almost full with his business. This was the first day of school Hoot has missed all year. I picked up his school work today when I picked up Miss Wawa... She had her first day of tutoring and thinks the term "tootering" is very very funny. If I ever EVER EVER mention I'm thinking of home schooling.... PLEASE someone remind me of this day. I am certain it's not safe for either my children to be educated by their mother. I tried to teach Hoot Inverse Operations this afternoon.... It did not go well and we were both in tears... Now I'm sure he was not at the top of his math game (he is sick) but.... lets just say his teacher will have to cover this lesson when he returns to school. I almost threw the book through the window... (please remind me of this day if ever). I tried to get Lambert to help me and he couldn't remember learning Inverse Operations... Come on.... I can NOT be the math homework helper past third grade... and I don't remember learning this material in third grade... I'm pretty sure that topic didn't come until at least sixth grade... But at least I remember learning it (Lambert).



Hoot looks JUST like my dad in this pic...



Libbie had to show me her mad math skills after her first "tootering" session


  1. Wish I was there to bring over my diffuser and oils! They are awesome for killing germs and making your house smell super yummy (cinnamon, clove, and orange, oh my!). Praying for a speedy recovery for your sickie and that it doesn't spread throughout the house! I feel ya on homeschooling! Every time I contemplate it, I have visions of tossed math books, too ;-) xoxo

    1. I wish you were here too! I would love some fresh scents in the casa! It's pretty stale and smells of damp soot from the fireplace :( We kinda have the Cracker Barrell thing going bacon grease and old soot... yuck!