Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Thank you to all the men and women who have served or our serving our country today. We are thankful for the freedom they fight for. We are also so thankful for the ultimate freedom that can only come from a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ! Our Sunday service was awesome yesterday. It was a reminder of what freedom costs. Freedom did not come without bloodshed for our country and it did not come with out bloodshed for our eternal freedom. It was a good reminder. it was also a HUGE day for Hoot... It was a day of firsts.... We spent the day with friends swimming and enjoying grilled burgers, hot dogs steaks etc... Hoot is TERRIFIED of fireworks. He starts building up when he sees the fireworks stands opening. He wants to know just when they are going to start blowing up and wants to be certain we are at home! He hates them so much that he said he NEVER wanted to go back to Disney World because the display them every night. We would head back to our hotel and watch them from INSIDE our room with the door closed and he still hid in fear. He detests the noise and the lights... So last night his little friend talked him into going to our local park to watch the show... Hoot talked a good talk and said he was not afraid anymore. Mom knew better... We told him we would go and that if he was scared we would just watch them from the truck. I even packed his sunglasses and his ear muffs (we use for the monster truck show). As soon as we pulled into the park he asked for the muffs... (i'll have pics later I forgot the camera) He watched the entire show from the bed of the truck with is sunglasses and ear muffs. Towards the end of the show he took them off! He was so proud of himself and we were too. He also ate watermelon for the first time. He liked it! It was a great day and I'm thankful I have the day off with my family today. We're off to Waterworks Vacation Bible School!

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