Tuesday, July 6, 2010

He is THE MAN!!

Nothing could make me more attracted to this man (except when he's teaching Jr. High Sunday School) than when he's taking care of business at the casa! A few weeks ago I posted (i think) that our nanny spotted a LARGE BROWN SNAKE in our garage.... I DETEST snakes and have a serious phobia issue with them. I really don't even like to type the word. It stems from my dad. He has the same issue and passed it on to me. (Hoot has it too) So she spotted it and got the heck out of the garage. She wouldn't go back in the garage for a long time... I immediately started researching s---- traps... My big strong hubby ordered this contraption for me and said it would do the job... we waited... and waited (like Noah) No snake... until TODAY. We were outside throwing water balloons after dinner and I decided to get my pruners from the garage when I noticed... a tail... in the box. I called for my man... and he came running (kinda) It was a family affair... we all wanted to see Daddy chop off the s----'s head. Sorry s----- friends... He pulled the box from the wall, opened it up and slayed the serpent!!!! I am so proud to be married to this man that protects our family. Hoot was proud too.
Go Daddy....
You know what's in this box... We thought it was a gimmick, it wasn't!!


BYE BYE S----- Hello Daddy!

... he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel." Gen 3:15

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