Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pictures are worth a thousand words!

We started out for our Indiana trip and spent the first night in Sikeston Missouri. We ALWAYS stop at Lambert's (for obvious reasons) for yummy throwed rolls and home style cookin! An evening view at the farm I think it was almost 10:00PM

I was on a mission to find this hydrangea and bring it back to Texas. Have you ever seen such beautiful blooms? It's an Anabella... I brought one back with me. we'll see how she does in the heat.
I thought Lambert was going to bring this jewel home for his next rat rod project... he didn't... thank you Lord!

I love the fresh markets and beautiful flowers that seem to be EVERYWHERE!

We made our annual trip to the fair. This year Hoot wasn't afraid to touch the animals. he held baby chicks and a baby duckling... so cute. We wouldn't miss the derby. You know I was rooting for the wagon!
Lambert was done!!
I love this picture. Hoot was so afraid of the big slide, but papa held his hand all the way down and by the time they reached the bottom he was begging to go up again... so they did. what a great papa!
Dad sported his Whale Wars T-shirt while we canoed the Eel river... just in case we spotted any Japanese whalers!! Lambert, Dad and Hoot are ate up with Whale Wars on Animal Planet. They even rammed our canoe a couple of times! Dad and Lambert have the shirts and Hoot is begging for one now... maybe for his birthday.
Hoot loves the farm and has asked if we could all live there together forever. He put his farm puzzle together today and said here is our farm, just like papa and Granna's.
Papa hung this AMAZING tire swing for Hoot and I'll let the pictures tell you if he liked it...

Papa Truman was an excellent pitcher. We really enjoyed just hanging at the farm.

Doesn't it look relaxing?? It was really hard to go back to work Monday.
You know I took the camera and expected some great shots...well...
He's growing up... :(
This is how he felt about photos by day three... he was done!!
You're not supposed to photograph the Amish out of respect for their culture. I thought I was going to be sneaky and get a shot when they turned the corner, this little toot turned around and caught me. They gave Hoot a ride on their buggy. He loved it!! We learned that the Amish believe a part of their soul is lost when they are photographed... This could be hogwash, but that's what we were told on this trip. I didn't take anymore photos, but I really wanted to! they are so dang cute.

We planned on taking a tour of Lake Webster via the Dixie, but she was out of commission for repairs and maintenance. We still had dinner at the pier and Hoot caught some perch.

It seems we always spend the last night making s'mores and this year was no different. We had a nice breeze and Hoot had a ball roasting all the marshmallows for us.
We made a stop in Memphis on the way home. I had never been to Beale Street. We had some good barbecue and then found a hotel with an indoor pool so Hoot could swim... he truly is a fish!

It was another awesome trip to the farm. We miss it and I still feel a little depressed when I think how fast it went by. This past work week was the longest EVER! I am so glad that Nanna Lambert joined us this year. I think she had a great time and loved the beauty of Indiana. Until next time...

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  1. Wow! What a wonderful looking place. I need to go there too! Thanks for sharing all the great photos. I really need to do a better job of posting those things on my blog. ;)