Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dixie and Matilda Jane...

Lovin Matilda Jane,but after the recent Vet trip.... not getting to love as much Matilda Jane!!
First please be praying for Little Miss Dixie...I know that sounds weird to pray for our puppy, but I am a believer in prayer. Dixie has had a rough couple of days. She started vomiting Friday evening and then all day Saturday and Sunday. By Monday morning she wasn't even able to walk. We took her to our vet first thing and he indicated she appeared to have Parvo... I informed him that she has had all of her vaccinations and didn't know how this could be possible. He asked me to bring the front page of her records so he could contact the vet who administered the vaccines. I raced home and the clinic ran a few tests and took some x-rays... when I got back to his office he told me that the X-Ray showed a 2 inch sewing needle in Dixie's tummy.. TEARS.... I have told Hoot a million and one times to make certain he picks up all his Legos, small toys etc. so that Dixie didn't choke on them. I was sewing some bows some time back and I dropped the needle while trying to thread it. I had completely forgot about this!!! I was in the kitchen and I heard it hit the floor... I looked and couldn't find it so I went for my Oreck to vacuum it up.... I never in a million years would have thought she would have chewed a needle.... so we took her to a specialist in Houston and they removed it. However, she didn't get better after the procedure. Our Vet said she did test positive for a mild strain of Parvo... The vaccination records were accurate.. I learned that the Parvo vaccine is only 96% effective.... there is a chance that even with the vaccine... a dog can contract the virus. We picked her up from the specialist yesterday and continued to give her fluids via an IV... we took her back to our vet this morning and they observed her all day. she is better, but really really weak! Hoot is so sweet and he's going to be such a great big brother... he lays on the floor next to Dixie and prays for her. He'll sing and talk so sweet and gentle. He's just a wonderful kid. I am truly blessed. He takes after his daddy.
WOW that was a lot about Dixie and Parvo.... maybe TMI, but she's family.

I hosted a Matilda Jane Trunk Show... it was fantastic!!! This is such a cute line of clothes for little girls. I had bought a few items for Libbie on E-Bay so I decided to host a show. I have GREAT friends that came and shopped. It was hard to decide what to buy. EVERYTHING was so stinkin cute. Matilda Jane is based in Ft. Wayne Indiana near my folks.. It's a relatively new small business that started as a home business. The rep informed me that it's a booming business that recently grew out of the family home and now has it's headquarters in a studio called 435. Congratulations Matilda Jane family... you guys are awesome and sell a top quality product!

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