Sunday, September 12, 2010


Cheesy Potato Soup... It's 95 degrees outside. I want some fall weather... I want Indiana.... REAL BAD!!!!
Am I alone on CRAZY Sundays??? It seems like we're up as early as all the other days of the week. We rush to dress, eat breakfast, run by Snowflake (the best donut place EVER) and then make it to church to teach... we catch the second service then go out for lunch... we get home around 2:00. We need to practice for Awana's, prepare something for small group, do any weekend chores that we haven't done during the week. Shortly after 4:30 we race out the door to take Hoot to Awana's throw him out on the curb and race across town to our small group.. We pick Hoot back up around 7:30 and come home to start preparing for Monday... I used to catch a nap on Sunday's but who can do that these days?? I'm tired.... Today I made a cheesy potato soup for small group. I hope everyone enjoys it. Seems kinda warm for soup, but it's football season and we eat soup during football season.... it's what we do... Dixie is sick... really sick... we're taking her to the doctor first thing in the morning... we have a lot of Nerf wars around our house and I think she's eaten her fair share of Nerf bullets. I don't know how she gets them.... we always pick them up... but I have found two or three rubber ends- minus the foam bullet shaft....
I hope the rest of you enjoyed the Sabbath.. Next week, I'm taking the afternoon off. i'm going to cook Saturday night so I won't have to cook Sunday after church. I love my Sunday afternoon naps!!

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  1. We were thinking the same thing today as we were heading out the door. Today was crazy! We tried to nap but were unsuccessful between Matt, the phone, and the doorbell! Hope Dixie gets better. The soup was delicious, especially mixed in the chicken noodle soup. Thanks for the suggestion!